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  1. Some more info about this: It's probably the calibration of the older version controller. Does anyone has any good calibration settings for the older version controller (deadzones etc)? So the controller works just ast fine as the new version controller with the lightbulb in the touchpad? When I calibrate the R2 button, it shows me that it just works for 84% of the full throttle. Hope anyone can help me out 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with the following problem: My older version PS4 controller seems to be slower from 7th to 8th gear. It seems like I can not build up the full speed on the straights. When I play with the new version controller (with the lightbulb in the touchpad), I'm so much quicker because it just works as how it should. Now I'm wondering; is this a problem with the controller preset settings? Is there a different one for the older version controller? Like calibration settings or such? It just looks and feels like I can not fully press the R2 button
  3. Now I am also Carlos Sainz when in time trial.. Please help haha
  4. I can not change my drivers profile into my own character. Yesterday I did a race as Carlos Sainz, now it shows in my drivers profile that I am Sainz, from Spain with drivers number 55. I can not change the face, the number and the country.. Tried to restart the game but still couldn't change it into my own character.. Also tried to do a race as Verstappen but still I am Sainz when in the menu's.. When I change my avatar and then my country back to Netherlands; automatically restores to be Carlos Sainz again with number 55 from Spain..
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