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  1. This Bug of the blue flags, helped me to win another race. Once again Hamilton 20 seconds in front of me with 18 laps to go in Zandvoort which is a fast track and it was still raining, I reached him on the last lap he was stuck behind 3 cars I didn't even want to overtake him anymore and I won the race . This bug has to be fixed soon. Steam PC game version 1.12
  2. I also faced this bug, I was running in China 100% Hamilton was in front of me 10 seconds, but I saw that he was stuck behind 3 cars, laggards, facilitating my approach, when I finally got there I passed him but I had to pass 3 cars and then 3 more ahead, that is, they didn’t give me a line, I had to pass as if I was fighting for position. And at no time did the blue flag appear, leave the game and come back and nothing. PC Version 1.12
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