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  1. I just play this game for a few weeks now. My question is how your opponent in a Duel is selceted: Is he only looking at the number of trophies or a combination of highest rank, performance indicator, level, R&D points and safety rating? And are you always racing a real opponent? Or just like in other games are you racing somtimes against bots?
  2. PLA22 : I'am just playing this game for 2 weeks now. And I raced PLA22 also. So or it is a bot or someone who has several accounts, because with me he had only around 250 trophies.
  3. Hi, I just play F1 mobile for 2 weeks now. 3 days in a row now it happens that i have no control over my steering. It start with a diagonal view on screen instead of the normal horzontal vieuw, as soon the race starts, without doing anything, my car makes a left turn and crashes. Other situation is that as long the car is riding straight a head is goes well, but if u make a turn to the right the car goes left. I did not change anything in my settings. Does anyone know how to solve this? I cant race at the moment. Thanks in advance!
  4. 1. It regularly happens that at the start or during the race the car loses a lot of speed and regains its speed a few seconds later. Why is this and how can it be prevented? 2. And with some regularity a sign comes on the screen with a lightning sign. Even then the car slows down. Why is this and how can it be prevented? Thanks in advance
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