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  1. Update:

    I've removed Armoury Crate and ASMedia USB drivers. Ran the game with my Tobii 4C eyetracker disabled simply because I forgot about it. Accidentally removed my My Team campaign, so I had to start over...

    And I've been able to run the entire Melbourne and Bahrain races with only one incident during Melbourne qualifying. So it's still unstable, but apparently much less so. Vietnam ran fine too.

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  2. 2 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

    OK, if you have done it then the confirmation helps. Squarely with CM to sort it then possibly, because I know the Vega is architecturally different to the older GCN and not a Navi card.

    Remove Armoury Crate. DDU the GPU driver. Go with the recommended 20.9.1 (I think 20.4.2 was the last recommended before that if a rollback is necessary). Avoid using the ASMedia USB ports (uninstall any downloaded driver and let WU/Inbox driver install). Get the AMD chipset drivers from AMD, not ASUS (IDK where that build is from). 

    The only other option is to nuke Windows 10 and go again but I doubt you'll have the 1909 media (I too am staying on 1909 'til the game's lifecycle is done).

    Don't think there's much else your end, you are using GHub and as long as you're avoiding the ASMedia USB ports there should be no latency issues.

    I would suggest letting the driver install vanilla and going with the highest settings in-game and the desktop refresh set as high as possible with the game set at the same refresh. Consider using FPS counter and capping if the framerate is soaring. Deleting the hardware_settings_config.xml should let everything redetect after the DDU and reinstall.

    Other than that CM might want to suggest which features to start disabling on the GPU from there.


    Thanks for the followup.

    1. Have removed Armoury Crate. Didn't use it anyway. 

    2. 20.9.1. is my current driver, so I'll keep that 🙂

    3. I'll try removing the ASMedia drivers. 

    4. Chipset was installed from AMD 🙂

    Not seeing latency on my USB per sé, I think, but since I don't know if they're causing crashes specifically, it's hard to pinpoint, of course. 

    Good suggestions. Will try them out. 


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  3. @steviejay69

    That is true, I haven't. It's an ASUS x470 Prime Pro running the most recent BIOS update as per 28/10/2020. AGESA is included. Chipset drivers updated. 

    Total system power draw is 582 peak wattage on a 750W Corsair RMX power supply. Not saying I haven't considered it, but it being the culprit in this game and nothing else seems unlikely to me. 

    If it's a VEGA issue I'm having trouble explaining why I'm seeing this in 1.12 but not in any previous version of the game.

    I've run memory tests via both windows memory diagnostics and memtest and I've received no errors, nor do I have crashes in any other games and applications, so I'm sorry if I didn't bother replying to that bit of advice. To me it seemed irrelevant. 

    What bugs me is that I'm running out of options. I've tried running low, medium and high settings. I've tried older graphics drivers. I've tried running my G29 and eyetracker in other USB ports. I've tried running without the eyetracker enabled. I've tried monitoring temperatures to check for spikes or clock throttling. I'm not seeing any sequences that I can replicate.


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  4. Alright. Most recent crash logs and files attached. I've tried lowering all settings one at a time, running in windowed mode, running in safe mode and switching between DirectX 11 and 12. I've even tried switching my G29 to a different USB port and removing my Eyetracker from the mix. 

    Without any impact. Still getting these crashes roughly mid-race. I'm at a loss. 








  5. So... Crashes came back. Tried disabling a variety of settings (Shadows, Async, etc.) and checking cooling etc. on my build. No change and no immediate issue. 

    I managed to run a full race before this happened, and now I'm unable to run few laps in Monza.

    EDIT: Removed a chunk of text here, as recent dump is in my newer post below. 

  6. @BarryBL:

    Alright. I've updated all drivers as recommended and set my AMD drivers to 20.9.1., which is the last official driver set.

    I've also disabled Async Compute. None of this makes a difference, I'm afraid. I still get random crashes, even in practice laps where I wasn't seeing an issue earlier. 


    This is the latest EGO Dump:

    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - ##################################################
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - EGO dumper
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - processId=18972, threadId=8324, exceptionPointers=000000000B16EE90, buildId=692646
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - ##################################################
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - Suspending threads of process 18972
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - tempPath=C:\Users\jwdal\AppData\Local\Temp\
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - dumpFilename = C:\Users\jwdal\AppData\Local\Temp\692646-20201028-181041.dmp
    [28-10-2020 18:10:41] - offsetsFilename = C:\Users\jwdal\AppData\Local\Temp\692646-20201028-181041.off

    I sent the report and went to the dumpfile location, but was unable to find said dump. All I can find is this one from two days ago. 


  7. @steviejay69: Oh, yes. I remember. Running more memory than 4GB on my 32-bit Windows never caused issues, but I was stupid enough at the time to do it because "future proofing". 


    @BarryBL: I honestly thought this was in the config files attached? 

    If not, here you go. As expected, everything is maxed out, and Async Compute is on. 

    image.thumb.png.1b29f14c7cacabd0dd98c8ff32e0d38d.pngI'll try switching it off as well.


    Ideally, I'll run each of these changes separately, then test game performance. Otherwise we don't really have an RCA. 

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  8. @steviejay69: Will look into the optional driver, of course. Reverting should be a simple fix. 

    Chipset drivers are downloaded directly from AMD and updated as needed, so I don't think there's any issue there. The TP-Link WiFi is probably a good call. I believe it's running on Windows standard drivers right now. 

    Will look into all of it to be absolutely sure.


    I will ignore your questioning of my 32GB memory 😉 This is my personal/project computer which is used for gaming occasionally but for production efforts and video editing quite regularly. That memory comes in handy for many other things than gaming. I've never seen an excessive amount of memory being an issue.  

  9. Hi team and others,


    Since patch 1.12 I'm seeing an awful lot of Crash to Desktop errors in F1 2020. I can run the game fine in multiplayer, practice and qualifying, but when I run a single player race, I'll get a CTD anywhere between round 2 - 19. I'm currently on the Hungaroring and have been unable to complete a full race despite attempting the race five times in total. I've run in 50% mode as well - same issue. 

    I'm running a My Team Career. Not sure if that makes any difference. 

    I've tried DX12, DX11 and to turn down some settings to ease any load issue I might be seeing, but nothing helps. My PC is not overclocked, not tweaked in any particular way and it is stable in every other application and game I'm running. 


    hardware_settings_info.xml hardware_settings_config.xml

    I've added the recent EGO dump, a DXDiag and my current hardware settings config. 

    Please let me know what I can do to speed this along from my end. 



    EDIT: Added Q/A:

    1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. - Crash to Desktop errors happen mid-race. Not in qualifying or practice, though. I can run the game fine in multiplayer, practice and qualifying, but when I run a single player race, I'll get a CTD anywhere between round 2 - 19. I'm currently on the Hungaroring and have been unable to complete a full race despite attempting the race five times in total. I've run in 50% mode as well - same issue. 

    2.       Platform - PC
    3.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.12.
    4.       Game-mode? Single player, My Team mode.
    5.       What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 5. Not sure you guys can replicate. 
    6.       What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue - Run DX 12, DX 11, Lower all graphics settings, run safemode. 
    7.       What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) - Logitech G29 Racing Wheel, Tobii Eyetracking 4C
    8.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Cannot screenshot while CTD. Happens too fast, and Ego Dumper does not always trigger. 

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