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  1. I have a T300 RS and can feel the loss of traction in both about the same. No issues at all in this regard.
  2. Overall I want to say that I really like playing F1 2021, and have I think 300+ hours in it. I play in a League and for the most part things have gone smoothly. So good job Codemasters for creating a great game. But like most things in life, nothing is perfect. Sure there are little issues here and there, but the biggest problem "for us" has been the AI. Here are some of the issues we are seeing. 1. The AI does not move over if they are on an "in" or "out" lap and you are on a hot lap in qualifying. This was working previously but an update broke this. 2. AI cars actively block now.
  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have downloaded F1 2020 and we will continue with it until F1 2021's AI is fixed. Both are really good games, but we have found the AI in 2021 to be ridiculously aggressive.
  4. Hey Mantas, thanks for the info. Too bad about the classic cars not being usable in leagues!
  5. Hey guys we finished our league season on F1 2021 and it was good fun. We are thinking about getting F1 2020 but have some questions. 1. Is the AI any better in F1 2020? In F1 2021 we see that the AI race you when you are on a hotlap while they are on In/Out laps. They also tend to block. 2. Can the classic cars be used in leagues or social mode? If so, can you have a full grid of classic AI drivers? 3. Are there any good “multiplayer friendly” mods for F1 2020? 4. Are there any game breaking bugs that we would experience in multiplayer? Thanks guys.
  6. I really like this game, and I think CM have done a great job with this version. I am sure it is taking time for reasons other than CM is not really interested in fixing this fast. We just need to have a little more patience. Hoping we get the fix today but if not I am sure they are working on it.
  7. Do we know for sure that loading ACC, then shutting it down and loading F1 2021 fixes this?
  8. One of my buddies is now impacted by this issue. It has put our league races on hold, since we don't want him to lose the chance to race in this round. So this issue is also impacting non-G923 users as well.
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