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  1. Hi everyone, I've had a Fanatec CSL loadcell brake for about 2 months. I was playing F1 yesterday and needed to reload a save as I made a mistake, but as soon as I did my brake pedal would not recognise until the pedal was down about 40-50%. This was definitely not what I've been using for the past two months and I was missing slow corners (it was fine for heavy breaking zones as this doesn't seem to have been impacted). Slightly confused, it has nothing to do with the physical brake as I have not touched it nor have I changed any settings. I have read a few people saying they had the sam
  2. Yeah I'm only questioning it because Codies have said Dirt 5 saved data won't transfer, and therefore I'm uncertain with F1. Don't really want to buy the console and see that I have to start a brand new My Team (me purchasing the PS5 now rather than next year depends on this). Thanks Sven.
  3. Hi guys, Is anyone able to confirm if PS4 game saves will be transferred to the PS5 when it is out tomorrow for us in Europe? (My Career etc). I think it does for Xbox but Codies have said for Dirt 5 it will for Xbox but doesn't for Sony.
  4. Hi again all, On top of the usual issues mentioned above by everyone, has anyone discovered the glitch affecting rain? It was pouring down in Brazil for the last 10 laps and I was setting green sector's on slicks. The rain literally had no impact on me.
  5. Hi all, I have the same issue, blue flags and corner cutting don't seem to work after I've loaded into a mid race save. This only started to happen after the latest patch, so anytime I load in it allows me to cut a whole chicane with no penalty. It also has no blue flags for backmarkers. Its a very bizarre problem and have never encountered it in the last 5 years. I race 100 percent on My Career on PS4 but this issue is making it very unplayable so I hope Codies can take an urgent look at this issue.
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