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  1. Hi, I love Dirt Rally 2 in VR. Since the legendary Network Q RAC Rally game that came out in 1996 I was always fascinated with Rally Games. So, since I got a Quest 2 I tried getting it to look and feel as good as possible on my mid-range PC: i5-10600kf (@5ghz), 16GB DDR3600mhz, RTX 2070. Here's what I've found to work best with the Quest 2. If you're debating, the Quest 2 is the clearly the best all-round VR headset available. But if you're strictly into Sim-racing I suggest the Rift S (low-end hardware) or the HTC Reverb G2 (high-end hardware). That being said, the Quest2 is totally suitable
  2. Hi! I'm reinstalling the game now... I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 for VR a few days ago and yesterday I had some time to try it out. I took my time researching and trying out the best settings and finally found something that looks great and runs above 72fps (I have a quest2) consistently (I have had about 20% performance overhead). Then I started a Rally and played for about 1-2h and had great fun. Today I start up my PC and want to get into it again, get into the same stage as yesterday and I notice some stutter. I turn on oculus performance tools and there it is, i lost about 20-30% pe
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