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  1. Hey there, a year ago I bought Dirt 3 and I wasn't able to play the game, but I read that you are removing GFWL, so I was pretty happy. After a year there is still GFWL, I really wanted to play this game, so I went into trying to start this game, first time I launched it, it just did nothing, I tried launch 3 times before I realized, this will not work, so I decided to check solutions online, I found solution! You have to download GFWL, so I did it, everything installed without a problem. I was happy! Now I wanted to login with my MS account, when I tried to log in, it didnt let me, so I was l
  2. Hey there, I just bought Dirt 3 on Steam and my game doesnt start, everytime I click launch nothing happens, I tried to install GFWL but it didn't help. So I'd like to ask, did I wasted my money or is there any solution? I'm using Windows 8. 
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