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  1. xlostxbhoyxdanx


    I guess the logistics of mapping new tracks and the team sending people to the actual track may cause an issue given each county has different restrictions. Hopefully the new tracks will be involved though even if they are not 100% accurate in terms of surroundings and tyre wear etc.
  2. This is one of the issues that can really ruin a race. Especially if your lower down the grid and get lucky with a safety car, back markers just act like they are racing you. A real shame.
  3. This could be down to the fact that the cars cant hold enough fuel for a Singapore gp so on this track even with a full tank you will need to fuel save at some point.
  4. It would be a game changer visually if you could turn the Halo off completely. Considering the game doesn't need it for safety it would be a massive plus to turn it off as it ruins the cockpit view and the tv pod view. Its ugly and just ruins the look of the game and the beautiful cars/view.
  5. How about the 'failure chance' of any new major component upgrade is actually applied to that part in the race? Even though you may retire you could still get any race weekend achievements applied as say a top ten finish if you retire whilst tenth. So the only thing you actually lose if the car fails is the points. This could also mean that component that failed in the race is now automatically remade with no chance of failure as the factory has a chance to see why it failed in a race condition and fixes the issue.
  6. This is made worse when you get lucky and move up in places but have lapped faster cars behind you still acting like they are racing once the safety car comes in. Completely ruins your race and any opportunity you may have to get points as a small team as the ai always ends up taking you out and you actually have to end up letting them through even though you are a lap ahead.
  7. This problem is made even worse when you get lucky with a safety car and faster drivers are stuck behind you a lap behind but you cant push on as they just carry on acting asthough they are racing you. So annoying.
  8. I finished 15th getting lapped at the last corner, however seem to have finished 2 laps down and in 22nd once I went over the line!
  9. Issue is resolved for me. Now hopefully they will work on getting rid of the dreadful halo. I love authenticity but the option to turn this off in cockpit or the over the cockpit view would make a massive difference
  10. Anyone else notice you can change the ers in quali but not in race. As I understand you should have to select one mode from the start of quali and be unable to change it. You should be able to switch during quali.
  11. I purposely didnt buy this game for a few months until any bugs that normally exist in new games nowadays were fixed. On my team at 100% before any saves I was 17th and recieved no blue flags when being overlapped. It feels a massive let down yet again regarding an issue that is so simple. It's this lack of care regarding consumers and a final product that has put me off games unless they have already been out a fair few months. Massive let by codemasters again :(
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