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  1. If I had to guess I'd say it's because drifting is not that well known tbh I only know about drifting through playing NFS shift  and I suck at it tbh and I doubt I'd be doing much tuner as it looks like a bit of a tricky disciplinre to me and I generally prefer out and out racing I think it's also because of the likelihood of the players attempting to troll/grief one another so they can win by default, or because of the likelihood of spinning the car on the corners because of how slidey they are. I think once everyone's gotten used to it, clean online drivers will probably lear
  2. I just saw the preview of the drift challenges and while I am hopeful the physics have been sorted out (I think)...why are the tandems not properly done like in Formula Drift or D1 competition styles?  Why are the cars so far apart?  they should score them on proximity and use rules similar to sanctioned drift competitions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou1CqKtwWlw
  3. I echo the wishes of many others to include GRID and GRID2 tracks.  Particularly Mt Haruna/Akina. As for tracks..F1 night race track - Singapore - would be awesome!
  4. Same problem here.  And when I do get in...there is never a race going on.  Its a non-starter for me which is frustrating as hell.  I'm from Singapore and am playing it via Steam
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