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  1. Ever since the last update/patch, I've lost the ability to repair puncture during a stage. Yes I always carry a spare and it was working before the update for a long time. It happens in career and club rallies. It's very frustrating and has ruined several of my rallies. Btw, I'm on Steam PC. Again, very frustrating and disappointed. Anyone else has this problem?
  2. I’m a big rally fan and Ive driven Grp N Subaru in real life. I love this game since day 1. I had being playing it with a NeGcon controller with manual sequential and clutch override. Didn’t feel the hindrance until I recently upgraded to a full fledged setup with steering wheel, H shifter and handbrake. I like playing the game with max authenticity so I chose “manual H with clutch + sequential”. And the frustration starts... With cars that have a dog box in real life, clutchless shifts are impossible in this game unless I choose “manual H + sequential” option plus clutch override. But then yo
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