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    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I signed in and got on your new release this morning and I've got a couple complaints, For one I cannot use my Logitech wheel and shifter.. I think the game tries to troll with this further in the game settings with their settings for force feedback... that is disappointing to say the least. On another note, Where are the voices/voice actors? I CANNOT immerse myself in a game that has no life in it.. In the opening cut scene with "Nolan Skies" and that other dude are supposedly speaking it's just text, gameplay footage.. Other than that, Silence. I will say the races have great sound effects but there's no soundtrack as well, when you return to the main menu you're greeted with more text, wind blowing and silence. Lastly (and this would require a future update) is the bots drive weird especially in the first race it just felt pretty arcade-like, that said I know it is NOT a driving sim and it's supposed to be more of a fun racing game I just thought them pin-balling of the walls and Not spinning out of control was a little unusual (but that's all) Overall I was really looking forward to jumping into this with two feet and fly around corners in GYMKHANA with a wheel and immersing myself, but for now without my wheel support on here I guess it's back to forza... 6/10 🌟