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  1. Yeswords

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    As someone who is an avid gamer who takes the time to be willing to spend extra money on games that I love and am excited to play. I find it frustrating that you would offer Dirt 5 for a higher cost for additional access and extra content but then do add wheel support? I would not have spent the extra money after finding out that the cheaper version now has wheel support!?! This frustrates me as wheel support would make my experience with the game much better. This makes me feel like your company is less concerned about their customers and more concerned about making extra money on us. In the time of a pandemic where I have to think about how I decide to spend my money, it really upsets me to encounter a company who chooses to rip their customers off. I would rather spend my money with a company who shows that they value their customers.
  2. Yeswords

    Dirt 5 wheel support

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