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  1. Hi, its works for all modes. Its on line, contact me on discord or WhatsApp and i will open a port for you.
  2. Hey @Hoo, i have one more bug for you. In Time trial, if you change rival, and he´s time its in a diferent team of last rival, the lap time (and others datas) didnt refresh.
  3. Some news @Hoo? Can someone confirm this bug?
  4. Hi @Hoo, i did more test... in Gran Prix... same result... Rules and Flags->ON, Corner cutting->Regular. I will do more tests in different configs. ->>> I did the same test in Gran prix -> Rules and Flags->ON, Corner cutting->Strict ->>> In game information: 5 warnings(!!!!)- 4 colisions warnings; 1 cut warning. No penalties. ; UDP telemetry information: 1 warning; 0 penalties. --->> In game information: 2 sec penalties; 7 warnings - 4 colisions warnings; 3 cut warnings(penalty); UDP telemetry information: 3 warnings; 2 sec penalties.
  5. Hi, its on line web system. www.gambae-sports.com In page you can get my contact.
  6. @Hoo I have a bug for you... warnings didnt work in multiplayer lobby (lapdata packet). I did some tests and found that: turn cut warnings work but the collisions warnings dont work. 4 warnings?
  7. hey... what telemetry you use? 2020 or 2021?
  8. Hi guys, a 2021 telemetry system is avaliable. Thanks @ThibaudPHP for all suport. 1164754004_Transmission(7).mp4
  9. The system have a dashboard too... for comentators and narrators.
  10. Hi guys... a new version of telemetry is available. For F1 2021 Game. I share some overlays with you guys. Thanks for all suport @ThibaudPHP. 1007619866_Transmission(7).mp4
  11. you can use networkID for quick identify... for a problematic drivers... (race number - nationatlity - team ->repeat), you can fix a driver with networkID for all sessions in the same lobby.
  12. @Hoocan you confirm please? I received missing packets yet...
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