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  1. I know this has been covered before but it needs mentioning again. PLEASE for the love of all that is good and holy, FIX THE WEATHER ISSUES ALREADY! Look, I love your game and it's very well done. As a professional developer myself I can't imagine fixing this to be a huge ask. It rains EVERY WEEKEND at some point, during practice, qualifying, or the race itself. Even when they say it won't rain the rain comes at some point during any given session. In the season I'm in the middle of summer and no matter where the race is it RAINS. RAINS RAINS RAINS. Thank you for listening. This s
  2. Formula 1 2020 - Playstation 4 - Latest version as of 1/26/2021 (I just updated with latest update a couple of days ago) - Full Career Mode It seems as I get deeper into the summer I'm getting more and more rain. This can't be normal. The weather algorithm needs work, this is highly unrealistic. Mar 15 - Australia (RAIN) Mar 22 - Bahrain (no rain) Apr 5 - Vietnam (no rain) Apr 19 - China (RAIN) May 3 - Dutch (no rain) May 10 - Spanish (no rain) May 24 - Monaco (RAIN) Jun 7 - Azerbaijan (RAIN) Jun 14 - Canada (no rain) Jun 28 - French (RAIN) Jul 5 - Austria (RAIN)
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