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  1. Knowing that the game is licensed from F1 itself, it makes me think that the game might reflect the real business in F1, the team need to give their fortune to win the competition, well I guess the Hamilton team pay a little bit more than the other team so they can win the title surely 🤣 haha F1 nasty business 🤣, sadly codemaster give a bad taste, by using the term of esport on the game, my suggestion is to remove the license and don't use "eSport" term 😴
  2. Now I know why Codemasters put so-called "AI" to the game, this is meant to control the players and resulting in how they win the game, it's too obvious when the so-called "AI" start to crash your car out of nowhere more often than ever in every race, that means you need to lose no matter what, that collision ghost also make a great addition to losing the race, I think it's controlled by the system. now in every duel, most of the player has the offtrack ability, I suppose that was the so-called "AI" Shoot, I almost spent money on this game 😅🤣, just don't get too serious guys, it's ju
  3. Playing this game becoming funnier, I think someone has created such a mod that makes the car could run off track without slowing down, I've seen this a lot in Bahrain and Melbourne they always take an outside corner to get past another player, I've tried that myself but seems impossible without getting slowed down or get drifted. Some players even bump my car to the sky, literally. How? 😅 Sadly, there is no replay, I should have recorded the race. Oh, I think the collision ghost is being abused, somehow that ghost works to get past the AI too, How? IMO Removing the ghost in exchange
  4. well, at least you have the opportunity to outrun the AI on the first two-lap
  5. Hate to have a duel on sprint race or grid start with only 1 lap, IMO this isn't fair, not to mention the AI seems to have tendencies to crash your car, it should be 3 laps at minimum
  6. haha, feel you, been there, welcome to modders 😂
  7. Is there a plan to add a horizon tilt option? I would like to have this in person camera angle
  8. Are you sure that was a person? anything that happened in a duel could be either a bot or recorded until they make on-demand PVP, I'm still not sure about that 😅
  9. I knew that, and it seems not to be the case 🤔🤫, also the corner cut penalty seems to be programmable in real-time, that said means everything happened in a race could be programmed/modded in real-time 😅
  10. I believe this game is full of modders, I can't believe the car could go into the dirt without getting slower, crashed like it never happened, teleportation, cornering without breaking, so weird. Oh, you can report that player? No, I won't do that, because they might have fun with it. So what's the point of Esport if everyone can patch their mod? So I thought, this game already failed on Esport, well at least it's free to play after all but just don't get too serious, it will be your loss. Oh also, I can't play this game without an assist, at least a custom setting with a low st
  11. Hi, I have a question regarding driving assistance, I'm at level 15 with 32 R&D points and approx 600-800 attributes point, I tried without any assist and somehow the car did not get any faster, the car becomes seriously unstable and I had to break all the time. I can't even get past the medium AI in a single race. So then I switched to Intermediate assist, somehow the car becomes more stable, smooth cornering, faster, and also can beat the AI easily, I could even win a duel with a player who had better upgrades than my car, mine was 1350 and that player was ~1700, the assist is like
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