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  1. Hi @BarryBL some good news, not sure if it was me tweaking with my nat config or you guys doing an update... But hosting has bene resolved, I was able to host and invite a friend plus have others to join the open unranked race. Fingers crossed it stays this way. Cheers
  2. @BarryBL Thanks for your continued support on this matter. Although many would agree with you many networking pros would not, as where I can play my other games, granted COD is server based but PES2020 and PES2021 are both p2p based online gaming and they work flawlessly. Again my networking hat can you specify which port is used for hosting? Could it be that the icmp (ping) protocol needs to be active in order for it to work? I have seen several users not just with your game but others too which use p2p for online gaming. Please speak with your networking team, someone who really knows their stuff. I don't want to have all protocols open on my open ports for security reasons so knowing which port you are pinging if that is what is causing the issue. Again thanks for your continued support, I absolutely love the game but its become so irritating tat I cant host any games. Using the right tech and ISP in Vietnam is essential to play online with the PlayStation because of this P2P online gaming, I guess they save some cash by not having any servers. Thanks again R
  3. Thanks for your reply @BarryBL I would normally agree with you however I have full control over this network which means I fully control the ports too. putting my networking hat on I can only imagine you are using ports or random ports other than the one shared. Do you guys use a port range for when people are hosting? you mentioned ports are all open to the internet therefore it should not matter. On another note when I waited long enough one person was able to join the lobby however if I invite a friend it wont work. Now going back to the original 2 posters about this problem they dont use a VPN and seem to have a similar problem. Also I didnt do a bug report because it would have been the same as the original post only difference now is I have the most updated version. Another point regarding Vietnam, gamers cant play online very well and most people concede to this due to the poor internet infrastructure connecting VN to the rest of the world. Hence why I have my solution in place, it really has made a difference and I can play all my games without being kicked out or major lag.
  4. @BarryBL to to let you know, even since yesterdays update my situation has not changed.
  5. @BarryBL so joining a ranked lobby I have no issues neither with joining a league. I haven't tried hosting a league yet, my friend had already set one up. just about to do a ranked race now. works a charm. I am using DNS and
  6. @steviejay69 wow, dude have you read what you have written? chill man. I am not arrogant to think I am better than anyone. I am from UK. No need for politics in the gaming website. I take it you dont work for codemasters lol @BarryBL I understand what you are saying, however my VPN makes it possible to even play online. It is just the hosting of unranked lobby people cant join... Just out of interest TCP 1935 is also used for broadcasting, can you confirm if this is actually really used by the game? having two data packets flowing the same port would cause issues and lag.. I am on PS4 by the way, it is just that routing in VN is poor by the ISP's so ping spikes are common. my solution is not a normal VPN and I have all my games playing exceptionally well and much better than ever. I ask again is there a common issue with poeple hosting? as such with Jurgen and khalayy... When I play COD i get OPEN and also my ping is 70% lower than using normal regular internet. are you using other protocols for connecting players other than TCP and UDP? Sorry I am a bit of a networking geek and technically I shouldn't have an issue. Would GEO location cause an issue with your servers? My ISP will take some time but for some reason it shows me up as HK but the server is Singapore and I have to wait for their next reload which may take another few weeks to update the IP addressing globally, the more i think about I think that couls be causing the issue, can you confirm if the game is sensitive to this factor?
  7. Yet again lazy support. You haven't even read my post earlier that clearly says I live in Vietnam. And for your information I am not breaking the law I'm going to state again, your game doesn't work here without my solution. Either you're going to look into this and help me and other around the world who have a similar issue or you are going to force close this forum.
  8. what are you talking about? I dont think you know how technology works. this is not a regular vpn, it is private and I have full control on ports! plus I have ZERO online experience without it! Without my setup I CANT play online!!!!!!! so please dont tell me it doesn't work! you are just being lazy or not experienced enough. makes me think you are using ports which you are not sharing with your customers, or a different protocol! AT LEAST GIVE ME THE PORT RANGE WHICH you guys have assigned for hosting!
  9. Hi Codemasters, if its a national internet problem just say so. I get it you cant have servers everywhere. but its a bummer I cant host even though im connecting to Singapore. Good practice not to ignore people.
  10. RascitVN305

    Hi peeps!

    Hello everyone, My name is Ras and I have been a fan of F1 since 8 years old! I had my very first f1 game on the bbc computer back in the late 80's. Loved codemasters f1 on my old xbox 360 too! favorite track was the Turkish Grand prix Now I am my 2nd F1 title on my ps4 and I am loving playing with my friends online who live all over the world! I live in Vietnam and it was rather expensive and difficult to get it working with our internet here but its worth it! Would have been nice if we had a chance to get tracks like Turkey as a DLC.... Anyway enjoy the race this weekend and take care
  11. did you ever get it to work correctly?
  12. Same issue here? I am surprised nobody is answering these problems. I wonder if it is a port issue? or their servers... Can someone confirm ALL ports used by this game? I had trouble before but now that I have all the correct ports to my knowledge all my games work. I am NAT 2 however in COD I have OPEN nat and i never have issues anymore. But I cant seem to host unranked races, nobody can join. but when we do private races and friends only all finds can join and IU can join too. I can also Join other unranked races and ranked races but I simply cant host. Also my status keeps flashing when I host, but nobody can join. I do live in Vietnam, however I have a lease line and my internet connection is not your regular you will have in here in this country that's why I can play all my games without issue. that's why I am surprised with this problem. However its important to note I have a VPN to Singapore. would giving you my public IP help?