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  1. Completely agree. I quit playing for awhile to see if it has improved, it hasn't. Ranked multiplayer is a disaster, can't get in a race, keeps kicking you out, when you finally get a race after an hour or so, it kicks you out of that group of racers/players also after the race is finished. I'm glad I did not buy the expensive Wheel and setup, I'm still on the controller. Does anybody know of another game or system that is comparable to the old F1 series that actually works? I'd like to get started with another company/game/system. I'd really like a recommendation.
  2. Do not buy this game. Multiplayer a total mess on xbox, Unless you like waiting 30 minutes for a race then being dropped from the race... while the game reboots.. Patiently waiting what,,, 4 or 5 months now for some type of improvement??? Nothing .. I'm finished, Codemasters, or whoever bought you out, get your act together. You have lost a customer.
  3. No you should not. Unless you like to watch the game crash and reboot over and over, day after day, week after week....
  4. Not that I need it... just a matter of principle. 2021 Is complete B.S., Multiplayer constantly crashing..... Find a good group to race with then it kicks everybody out and starts over, whole game has malfunctions every area you go, and then the game just decides to reboot... anytime and anywhere.... ??? What is this?? Total B.S.!! Want my money back...
  5. Hi 

    I have turned off mute before I contacted you I tried it. I just tried it again today after your email and it still does not work. 

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