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    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I also don't appreciate the fact the developers lied, and have gone radio silent about this problem. They did not warn us but were more than happy to accept our money based on their false promises. This is actionable. Oh by the way, i saw this: John nnnn , I feel like holding summit with you, between camps, You obviously representing "Camp console. " and me representing "Camp PC" You realize you ALSO could have used the logitech g920 wheel ON YOUR XBOX. (or, you could use the g29 wheel if you own a play station, Sony paid to make theirs incompatible with The xbox version. this wheel also does not work) You are gloating as though you are happy even YOU don't have the feature now. Are you cheering for them to REMOVE features in your games? its been there in every other dirt game, and there are more wheels out now, than ever. If you had no desire to use one, that's on you. many people enjoy the dirt series because they enjoy driving, not just pushing a little stick side to side and pretending THAT is what driving feels like. (rumble does NOT do it justice Seriously, Try a wheel some time.) It actually takes FAR more skill to play this kind of game with a wheel. Not to mention it CAN make you a better driver as a fringe benefit if you play in a way that enforces realism. I've noticed there is a certain type of console fan that feels threatened by PC Gamers. Its funny because the much hyped next-gen Consoles are running virtually the same hardware as PC's are, and give you the exact same performance as the HIGHEST END PC from 2019. That is impressive for a 300-500$ ready to go box. however Its kind of like someone who owned a "Ford taurus" making fun of someone who owned a "Mercury sable" They are the same car under some un important details. Consoles are GREAT for Casual Gamers, and by that, people who buy a game, just want to play the game, and move onto the next game. They don't take an extended interest in a given title, and want to experience more of it. PC gaming is for people who want Higher frame rates than Consoles can provide Console people seem obsessed with the mis-informed notion that you cant play a Gaming PC on a normal TV, with a Normal controller. (in fact literally any controller, ps4, ps3, xbox 360-xbox series x) And now they are mocking because a developer failed to keep their promise and FORCED you to play that way? That seems Hypocritical . PC Gamers aren't satisfied with the canned experience they get on console, so they go to PC. There are far more options in controls, more options in monitors, VASTLY better VR, and more options in hardware and software in general. While consoles upscale their image quality from lower resolutions creating images that are not actually 4k, (that console players brag about as "Optimization") Pc Gamers want more image fidelity but are aware that it costs more. to go to PC. How much the quality of that experience is WORTH, varies person to person. If you don't want to buy a PC, consoles are fine. But they dont provide the kind of gaming experience a PC gives, like Clarity, the ability to mod games, and most importantly, allow you to NOT be told what you HAVE to play by those who provide your game box.. PC's have no platform provider that decides what you can and cannot play. Microsoft giving you good games? great, You don't like them? Go on steam. (Sony players : You can keep the epic game store, we good.) John, I'm going to assume your a SONY fan, forgive me if i'm wrong. I assume this because i don't really see arguments like this from the XBOX fans anymore, since they finally seem to have come to understand FINALLY, that PC gaming ISN'T competing with consoles. Sony people seem to love running around chanting "PC gaming is dead haha" . Reality check. Sony has been saying that, since the ps 1. Please find new material and stop quoting people who are trying to SELL YOU SOMETHING. To clarify there is no such thing as a "PC-Fanboy" because "being a fan boy" means mindlessly buying the claims of a manufacturer, and believing it wholly, and buying only from them. Its choosing a Corporation to root for. PC Gamers couldn't give two shakes what company makes the components as long as they are providing the promised performance. Pc Gamers are NOT Microsoft fans. because Microsoft isnt PC GAMING. I own zero games in the microsoft game store and dont plan to buy any ever. could change, but I cant see any reason to pay higher prices like a console player. Steam, Gog and many other places offer better deals and selection so, Yeah, IF there ARE "PC-Fanboys" they are not the people who talk up PC, they are the people who talk up INDIVIDUAL manufacturers with Religious devotion, such as AMD-Fanboys, Intel-Fanboys, Nvidia Fanboys. Components in our computers , i have SEEN there are weird fan-people, but we try not to talk about (or to) them. IF you want to use a PC for its more advanced functions, it IS more complicated than a console. But only a little. Everyone can use an Iphone, they are made to be usable by even the brain-dead. PC's require a little bit more knowledge ideally, but that was always part of what PC GAMING was. Pc gamers take pride in coming to UNDERSTAND the technology in ways that allows you to make our computers play games better than any little pre-made box ever could. Its still that way today. You get ALOT of gaming power in next gen consoles. But if you arent averse to spend more to get a much better experience. Gaming pc's are historically more powerful than consoles. However, NEXT GEN pc's, improve by the same amount as next gen consoles. In other words, A ps5 might outperform everything but a pc from 2020 using the most high end parts (before the 30 series launch) but next gen pc's blow even the xbox series X out of the water by raw computational speed and graphical capabilities. Pc's by far and give you nearly unlimited options. Unlimited if you take into account you MAKE games on pcs. So heres my point. Consoles are NOT "BETTER" for Gamers. They are BETTER for Gamers who arent concerned with having the highest frame rates, quality settings and options. Its for people who want to play a Canned experience and then move on to another Canned experience. This is the definition of "A casual gamer" someone who isnt living and breathing games, and who has no interest in understanding Anything about how their device works. (this is evidenced by how people think an SSD can increase FRAME RATE) They hear marketing speak from a manufacturer, and buy it lock stock and barrel. They never question if its true or under what circumstances a thing is true, they just believe as they have no interest in researching the deice they bought specifically so they wouldnt have to research a device. They are for people who dont mind being told what to play or what things are availalble to play. They dont mind paying for thigns that are free on other platforms. Pc gamers dont mind spending more money, to reach qualities that no console can reach. PC gamers tend to be the kind of people who LIKE understanding how things work, and learning about new technologies. As evidenced by reddit history, Console users didnt ever think or talk about raytracing before they heard it was coming to their consoles. Most Pc users have been interested in the technology for 30 years, but till 2019 it couldnt be done in real time. Pc gamers dont mind little glitches hear and there, because it generally takes about the same amount of research, to find out what a problem is, that it does to pick out your pc parts to find the answer. You can get your games where you want, any game store, hell, If you know something about electronics you can emulate a nintendo, super nintendo.. I've got a bluray drive in my system i run my xbox 360 games and my ps1 ps2 and ps3 games through the same system. Your statement would be correct if you said "Gamers on a BUDGET who have zero interest in becoming informed about technologys inner workings, are better on console., Gamers who want choice, performance , backwards compatability with even OTHER SYSTEMS, who want VR, who want the power to do things consoles couldnt dream of doing, and who want to spend a bit more to get a GOOD start, or the same as console to get an Entry level system you can build on later, Chose Pc. One isnt "BETTER" than the other. What kind of "Gamer" are you?