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  1. Codemasters is now EA so don't expect this.. ever. @HeadSPLATTTI hope you got your refund, they didn't give me mine.
  2. Ya know.. I bought this game thinking I was going to have fun playing it, boy was I wrong. Haven't touched it since day 1. Seems the demolition derby out of the gate is real. I guess you need to have dedicated people to play with on closed servers to have any fun. Buyers be warned.. codemasters sold their **** to ea so you're buying garbage that has already been burned.
  3. Howdy fellers.. New to f1 2020, built myself a very functional racing pod with g29 wheel parts and im loving every second on this game. Thing is.. I appear to be only decent. Bummer I know... driving around town I'd have never guessed their were other people out there who could drive fast. So this is me saying hello. Where are all the ps4 players?
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