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  1. badd1242

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I feel a bit scammed on my current purchase of Dirt 5. Back in June, RK from Codemasters declared in an online interview that Dirt 5 indeed would have wheel support and I had no reason to doubt that and did not research the game prior to purchase. I played Dirt 4 with my G29 wheel and was really looking forward to a more advanced quality game expected in 2020 and an extension of Dirt 4 similar to WRC 8 to WRC 9. There is zero realism going from a wheel back to a controller or keyboard. Again, looking back the past few weeks, I see that the promoters for the game were very careful to tout immersive experience and driving controls but intentionally removed any notion of a wheel support option. I can only hope Codemasters does the right thing and deliver their word on wheel support for this potentially great game. Never seen a title go backwards in technology just to paint a prettier picture on screen. Note: I also purchased on discount from Green Man Gaming and cannot have refund even though never played a frame so am hoping again that wheel support will be added sometime soon so can enjoy this game like the rest of my racing titles that support wheels. (Dirt 4, NFS Heat,Dirt Rally 2.0, WRC 8, WRC 9, F1 2020 ,F1 2019,etc...) Thanks