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  1. my car will often not accelerate immediately after releasing the brake on corner exit, which ranges from split second to maybe up to 2 seconds and you lose a lot of time obviously on the following straight. this is a major issue and needs to be fixed asap, I've invested a lot of time and money in this game and it's incredibly frustrating. S21+ (Android)
  2. BohumilSmetana

    delay in acceleration after releasing the brake

    thanks for checking in mate, i wrote to the in game support and they gave me some credits and cup points for compensation but said that its nothing they can change easily, however after some updates to my phone it happens much less often now. I've also seen some guy on the FB fan page having the same problem, so at atleast its not just me 🙂 btw I'm Bohumil (SME) in Red Bull if we ever race in a duel
  3. sometimes several times in a single lap the acceleration doesnt start immediately after releasing the break or even just stops out of the blue, most of the time on the corner exit, this did not happen on my s20+ only since I bought Samsung s21+
  4. BohumilSmetana

    auto acceleration not working properly

    so the game seems smoother in terms of FPS, and even the handling seems more smooth, possibly the for the same reason, volume fluctuation seems to be gone, but the engine not starting on corner exit after releasing the brake is back in style, lost two duels just because of that back to back, I will create a new post on this
  5. BohumilSmetana

    auto acceleration not working properly

    yeah so exactly the same issue ***
  6. BohumilSmetana

    auto acceleration not working properly

    so it still happens after reinstall and leaving the beta, its costing a lot of laptime when there is a engine cut on corner exit for no reason ( I don't mean penalty) but the car is not accelerating despite being on tarmac and not brakes are applied, its lasts up to 2 seconds
  7. BohumilSmetana

    auto acceleration not working properly

    oh and i've just realized I've recently became beta user so that might be the problem, will try to reinstall the public (non-beta version)
  8. BohumilSmetana

    auto acceleration not working properly

    yeah I have no assists at all, and this only started with the new phone, maybe its missing optimization, but its really frustrating, you release the brake and the nothing happens, sometimes spit second but now in China twice in S3 for a prolonged period of time, I'll try to reinstall the game
  9. BohumilSmetana

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    Volume sound of the engine changes during race on its own, maybe twice during a race - it was not happening on my S20+ but only started now with S21+ Galaxy
  10. BohumilSmetana

    Loss Of Steering

    me too
  11. BohumilSmetana

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    just the volume, it doesnt sound like a rpm drop just like the the whole master sound goes up or down, Im getting used to it 😄
  12. BohumilSmetana

    engine volume sound fluctuating

    lol 🙂
  13. I've just bought Galaxy S21+ and now i have in some races the same issue as with S20+ which was fixed shortly after I posted about it here. I now have to restart the phone everytime this happens and Im playing more games with tilt steering and the problem is only with F1. It happens right after start.
  14. BohumilSmetana

    steering tilting to the side

    I'm having more and more often an issue when the screen is tilted to the side from the start so I either crash right away to the wall or it's extremely hard to steer properly and sometimes it resolves itself half way through the race. the game is now unplayable as a result, I'm using S20+ and in other games I dont have this issue at all.
  15. BohumilSmetana

    No control

    same here, please help