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  1. Unfortunately I would have no way to understand whether the start is good or not, as there are no other cars around me.
  2. Manual or assisted starts? I'll see if I still struggle once I reach F1. Any help is still appreciated, though.
  3. Hello everyone! So...I tried assisted starts, manual starts, F1, F2, warming tyres perfectly during formation lap, mid rpms, low rpms, high rpms, accelerating slightly, going full gas straight away... I trying following guides, YouTube tutorials... NO MATTER WHAT my starts always suck and 4-5 cars minimum are guaranteed to overtake me, and the only way to regain at least a couple of positions is to divebomb at first corner, more often than not resulting in a crash and in a subsequent flashback. I use manual gears with a Thrustmaster T150, and medium TC. I cannot say in which asp
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