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  1. While we are waiting on a patch, I have also found a fix that works consistently. In mid-game restart the console (hold power button for a few secs and then choose "restart"). Not sure if this causes problems with the console (should not, since it should power down orderly) but it has worked for me for the last two days consistently. Anyway, hope the patch is coming sooner rather than later...
  2. I had a short exchange with Chris from Codemasters on Discord yesterday and he confirmed that they are working on a fix that should be rolled out with the next XBox patch due in the next days. Let's hope...I can confirm that restarting the console (at least XSX) in mid-game seems to work. Although I do not feel that that's the safest thing one can do.... so let's hope for a quick fix... With vibration on the game is so much more immersive !
  3. yeah, also my first game on the XSX and I was really looking forward to it. Other than this issue I like it so far. On reddit I just saw this: https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxSeriesX/comments/jrp562/anybody_else_with_no_rumble_in_dirt_5/ Apparently a patch is in the works...hope this is true...
  4. I had Dirt 5 since day one and first trried to play it on XBox One - I did not have any controller vibration there at first. Some time later miraculously vibration worked. Yesterday I received my XSX: same thing: Vibration only works half of the time: at first not, after some new starts of console and game it worked. Today without having restarted the console or game - again: no vibration. Very frustrating for an offroad game :( Would be glad to hear if anybody else has this issue and if Codemaster is aware of this (I also just sent a bug report)....
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