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    Things to look into for F1 2021

    My biggest thing is being able to walk around the paddock or headquarters (being able to walk from the dressing room to the garage to the car and having the animation of getting in and out of it. Walking into the team managers room for discussions and contract signings) It would create far more immersion! Here is a couple more important things 1. I would like a more expanded MyTeam features. ex. Be able to create your own engine for your team and develop it as well as other teams being able to purchase your engine as they do in the real F1. 2. More body customization to the actual body shape ( how mercedes and red bull look completely different.) 3. Being able to select what city we want our headquarters in and get to walk and see more throughout the facilities. 4. Have teammate and team aclaim or morale that changes with your actions on and off the track. 5. Be able to interact more with people in the game (fans, teammates, managers, engineer) 6. Being able to get out of the car and what up to the podium meeting area and meet with the other 2 drivers before walking out onto the stage. 7. More story dialogue ex. ( If your hit someone on track they might come up to you and talk to you about it or if you have to retire your car because of a mistake you made than you have to go talk to the team manager and explain what happened. More conversations with your agent and do a interactive contract negotiations like taking a tour of their facilities and more. DEFINITELY more conversations between you and your teammate (throughout history in real F1 there has been many teammate rivalries that got heated) 7. Being able to develop certain listed parts that every team is required to make themselves and are not allowed to buy from another. 8. More customization of what the inside of the car looks like. Every teams steering wheel and cockpit looks different. 9. Be able to go to driver briefings at every track like they do in real F1! and lastly 10. in MyTeam if you are wanting a driver to join your team you could approach them throughout the season or ask them to come to your headquarters and talk and based of your relationship and how you drive on the track that may make a difference on if they want to join you since your a driver and a team owner. just a few things I would like to see! and maybe getting on the plane to travel to the next GP or headquarters.