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    VR FAQ & Performance

    Hi, new here, but not new at dirt Rally 2. I just wanted to share what i discovered in trying to have a smooth VR experience. So, I have HP G1 headset, and initial, i couldn´t had a smooth experience even with everything at low settings. One day i found a post of a guy, about another game, and that was magic for my G1 and i suppose for every other WMR device. In steam VR, you have a new option ( Force DX11), after i had enable that option in steamvr, i can play in VR, with my G1, with everything at HIGH, even at night with a thunderstorm, is smooth as silk, i use FPSVR, and with g1, i can play at 60hz, that i don´t notice the difference between 60hz and 90hz, is just as good, with my old wmr, at 60hz, was noticeable the difference, but not with the G1. Anyway, the solution is just force steamVR in DX11 mode.