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  1. Noticed now many times that weird thing, that when your trying to catch someone in end of the race and pushing like hell, sometimes i felt maybe my tyres are just gone. But in races where you get soft set to end, its not possible that with worn tyres you make new fastest lap when im like 50%+ in tyre wear. So is there somekinda boosting system for ai @ end of the race if someone is trying to catch him? or is there really problem with ai tyre wear? Yes i know in the end of the race your fuel load is much more lower, but in that tyre wear it doesnt mather. i can barely make 1.5 - 2sec slower times than in new set of softs. And then ai pushes like 0.3 - 0.5, sometimes even 1 sec faster time with worn softs than he made with before with new set of softs. Hope you understand what i meant. And seems like some other people had same problem. ps, can you move this to F1 2020?
  2. ToniHämäläinen

    No radio sound when using headphone

    no its not. 😄 i have still same issue.
  3. ToniHämäläinen

    F1 2020 My team stuck in loading screen

    after last update my team when entering to race weekend gets infinity loading screen, verified game files tried... anyone solved this?
  4. Yes and i just raced 50% race of russia in my team career... I before thought *** is going on... with 60-70% tyre wear ai makes best laps of the race still :D with 100 Legend AI. That didnt happen with 95 or 98 ai.. But with 100 that is normal. They make better times with more worn tyres. so ****** up