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  1. lukamesecfanboy

    From pad to wheel

    Well it might take you a while, not gonna lie. On the pad i was using around 100 AI, with the wheel I had to go back to 90 AI and only after 3 months was I able to get to 105 AI. Gears you should absolutely go manual, try to go with TC off as soon as you can but you can take your time with the ABS.
  2. Hello, I have F1 2020 on steam and have been playing it since its release. But yesterday when I wanted to play the game, it wanted to me to create a character. I was very confused, as I did this already when I first opened the game. When I created my character and was finally taken to the main menu, I realised that all my game progress was gone. All the My Team progress, all the Career Mode progress, all the setups and the wheel settings. The only thing that remained were the liveries I earned in the Podium Pass. I'm kindly asking you to help me as I don't want so many things I worked on over the past couple of months lost. Thank you