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  1. Thank you so much for answering firstly! Considering the tone of my first message (which I apologize for) I'm surprised you even bothered. I guess I'm used to certain developers an publishers that will remain unnamed totally ignoring their community, and I was obviously pre-judgmental about codemasters.  Ok so let me ask this then. Why can't I seem to save my progress in Dirt 3? I re-installed it because I felt like playing it, yet unbeknownst to me was that GFWL had just died very recently. I boot up the game, sign in offline for GFWL, make a racer profile, play, but when I come to the g
  2. I would certainly like to actually PLAY my game and be able to save my progress, but I can't do that because GFWL still hasn't been removed. I have the game on steam. Is there something I missed here like a removal tool I have to download and use myself, or have we pretty much given up Codemasters?
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