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  1. this hole thing with reverse not working oh my apologies it works only after every body has passed. I'm sorry but its strait up cheating come on why ONLY does it happen when racing rally cross? it works fine every where else in 2.0 and yes the only assist are semi automatic and the wiper blades im playing on Xbox one fanatec CSW 2.5 CSL elite wheel and CSL elite pedals ( no clutch ) I cant play anymore or im gonna brake somthing if i could only get my hands around the neck of that sorry excuse of a spotter i would PUNKCHER PUNKCHER both of his lungs seriously how do i get a spotter who TELLS ME WHAT LAP IM ON OR IF I ALREADY TOOK THE FRICKIN JOKER LAP I pity the person who sounds like him in real life cause im going after him LOL. For real how do i turn him off i really like this game but i dont like games that irritate me and between the reverse thing and this YA WHO yelling in my ear "there getting away from us" and "punkcher punkcher" and we dont want to leave out the stewards PLEASE HELP i beg of you
  2. only in a race does this happen i will have a 12 sec lead make a little mistake bump a barrier and BAM im in last place. i **** you not most of the time it does not work until everyone passes me i will attempt to get video without sound trust me the horror that comes out of my mouth
  3. what's it take to get a real spotter one that actually knows how to do the job instead of endlessly saying im under investigation by the stewards and my fav there getting away from us i want to punch himin the nose so bad