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  1. IneedToPlayGame

    Learning Curve

    @AlkyUniQe the best direction IMO is to start by turning the brake assist to medium, then practice a lot. After practicing you will be used to it then turn brake assist off. Then practice a lot again. Practice is key to slowly turn off all assists. then focus on TC, then manual gears. Manual gears is kinda hard and when you arent used to having the brake assist and TC off it will be super hard to drive. Here is the order to simplify: Brake assist ------>ABS (If you want to)----->Traction Control------->Manual Gears------>Then Pit assist, flashbacks,etc. Ers management is fairly easy on this year's game, so you should turn the ERS assist off first. AND REMEMBER- dont turn off all assists at the same time (obviously), practice, and have fun!
  2. IneedToPlayGame

    Turning off braking assist and Traction Control ON A CONTROLLER

    @PJTierney thank you so much! 😀 These vids are very helpful
  3. I'm on a controller and I need some tips on how to turn off these assists. I don't think that I will buy a wheel so please dont suggest buying a wheel. I am gonna stick with my Xbox controller. I play on F1 2019 RIGHT NOW... But I will buy F1 2020 or 2021... so plz dont move this post to the 2019 forum or delete it. And I know that F1 2020's TC off is basically just like 2019's TC medium. Every post about turning off assists on F1 2020 is about TC mainly but I am most concerned about BRAKING. Not ABS.... that's impossible
  4. IneedToPlayGame

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    @SabolcSaghmeist the AI is much better than last year's game. Last year's AI was too robotic in the dry and the wet but in 2020 the AI is aggressive and can make mistakes just like the player. This has improved the realism and made wheel to wheel racing more fun. In F1 2019 they were robotic but now thy are aggressive. And 2019's AI is easier to beat. And the AI train problem is not because of the overtake button.... It's because of DRS. Drs is very powerful irl and in the game. And when the train is leaded by slower cars and there are faster cars at the back it's about who has the much better engine. And its not that hard for us humans to overtake them too. Usually when you are chasing and AI, you either close up or fall back. You fall back when you have a much slower car and/or slower tires. When you are closing up and you both are using OVERTAKE on suppose.. the DRS straight, and you have DRS. The DRS will still help you overtake the AI because you both are deploying the same amount of ERS. It's just that the AI is much better in 2020 and overtaking them in some circumstances is harder, but not sooooooo easy like on F1 2019. On 2019 overtaking was super easy and you could win every race even with a high AI percentage.
  5. IneedToPlayGame

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    Yeah theyre too good in the wet and they form trains in the dry!
  6. IneedToPlayGame

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    Yeah the AI trains kinda ruin the experience sometimes and they really cant overtake each other.
  7. IneedToPlayGame

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    Think of it in your mind... You do 1 stop and the rest do 2 stops. The gap should be around 20-30 seconds. 40 is a little too much but its okay. They can have bad races sometimes too
  8. IneedToPlayGame

    Best ai in recent f1 games

    @Sir_Overtakesalot umm you did a 1 stop and they did a two stop so it isnt really that bad. That means you had good pace. Starting on softs means doing a two stop in singapore. The ai only were about 5 seconds slower
  9. IneedToPlayGame

    Big Career Ideas.

    This is an excellent suggestion. I hope they implement this
  10. IneedToPlayGame

    What i would like to see included in future f1 titles 2.0

    Wow, these are some amazing ideas. I particularly like the idea of making double stacking easier and quicker. And number 33 SHOULD BE FIXED. It makes changing your front wing and changing your tires much longer.
  11. This is an excellent point. And choosing our engine sounds is amazing too. But I wouldn't choose the Ferrari's rear wing for the MyTeam car because... it causes s🅱ins! 😂🤣😆 (sorry if you're a Ferrari fan, but you have to admit it..)
  12. Thanks 😀its s🅱inner time!
  13. We could also choose to buy other manufacturers engines first, and after developing the aero and chassis, we could end the partnership and become a works team later in the season. Our performance would drop, but the end result would be a lightning fast car. And if we go this route the epic wheel to wheel racing in which there is no dominance from and team (which in this and past years games has been only for 3-4 seasons) could last 7 SEASONS. INSTEAD OF FINISHING IN 3 SEASONS, IT COULD TAKE 5 OR 7 SEASONS TO FULLY DEVELOP THE CAR! lEgEnDaRy @BarryBL
  14. @CarlosSantos87 wouldnt this be a cool feature?
  15. @BarryBL making this feature real in next years game could be a big selling point (but obviously MyTeam and career are the stars) because usually every year it takes 2-3 seasons to develop the car and then the regulation changes dont do much as you keep stacking R&D points. Then it becomes too easy as the other teams cant keep up. YouTubers use mods to keep their vids interesting. But not everyone can use mods. If you implement this feature, developing your engine could take 3-4 years alongside developing the car, so it will keep the racing fun for a looooong time and it could take R&D and money to develop it. This could surely boost the longevity of this game as I have stressed so much about before.