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  1. I send them an email too, but only got a generic response telling me they cannot confirm any plans to release any further updates to the game.
    And to look at codemasters.com for further announcements.


    So they don't tell if something will be done or if it's over, even if they know it for sure.

    We don't even need an update to the game, just an update to this RaceNet service to keep giving us these autogenerated challenges so we can continue enjoying the product we paid for. It couldn't be that hard or costly !

    Really disappointed by my experience with Codemasters customer service, from this forum to this generic useless response.

    And even if they fix the problem, I'll eat my hat if it ever make it to the codemasters.com website.

  2. I'm on Windows and it does not work for me anymore since last week. A lot of players have reported the same problem on the Steam forum of the game, so the service is clearly offline.

    Please Codemasters bring back the challenges. It's the main way to gain enough XP as online races are rarely full of players.

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