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  1. Yeah, In my video you can see that I never received any penalties. You get a penalty if you take a new engine, not if you change. If in doubt, turn off the rule in the options and play it as it was. ūüėČ I don't think the AI change settings of the car or change engine parts even if the rule is disabled. Thanks BarryBL, good job to you and Codemasters team's ūüėÄ
  2. Hi @BarryBL, (hmm ok I don't know how to tag but it's ok ) Here my test video. I made a new career and recorded 2 week end. I didn't plug my racing wheel so I "played" with only the keyboard... The first week end, I'm playing like I play normally: Play Practice 1, Simulate Practice 2 & 3, Play Qualification, Play Race. The second week end, I'm playing all the sessions. Link: https://youtu.be/v26eIo2-TNY Timestamp: 00:20 - I'm preparing the Practice 1, I change few parts. 00:50 - I'm in practice 1 session's. I try to change some parts. There is no problem here. 01:20 - I'm in the office, I want to check if I can change engines. 01:40 - I'm pressing the touch "F1" to simulate Practice 2 & 3. 02:10 - I'm back in the office for preparing Qualifications. The problem begin here, I get a warning display for the Parc Fermé rule's. 04:00 - I abandoned Qualifications, but I want to check if I get grid penalties. Here, we can see that I have no penalties. 04:10 - On the top of the screen, the game say "lap formation". So I'm sure, I haven't grid penalty. _____ 06:00 - 2nd week end, I'm preparing the Practice 1. 07:10 - I'm preparing the Practice 2. 08:00 - I'm preparing the Practice 3. So, there is no problem here. 08:40 - Practice 3 played and finished, now I change engine parts before Qualification. The issue is again here. 11:10 - Showing the grid before the start, I haven't penalties. 11:20 - Again, no message telling me that I get penalized. Conclusion, the issue seems to appear whatever if I played or simulated. and only between Practice 3 and Qualification. It's only visual and doesn't impact the position on the grid. I don't know if in My Team the problem is here because I never played it.
  3. Hello, Platform: PC-Steam Version: v1.13 Mode: Career mode Options: 50% - Short Q - 10 races I'm playing a career since v1.12. I played an entire season 1 of 10 races and now I'm on the last week end of my 2nd season. I started the Practice 1 and make my session with a old engine. I simulated the others practices sessions by pressing the touch "F1". The game skip Practice 2 and Practice 3. Note: I can't skip only Practice 2, if we skip 1 practice session, we are directly in qualification. Now I want to change engine for Qualification. I can change ONE part but if I change an other part I will be penalized by the parc fermé rule's. In v1.12, I make always this procedure: Put a old engine, play Practice 1, simulate Practice 2 and 3, put a better engine, play qualification and race. I know that I can't change between Qualification and Race but now it's between Practice 3 and Qualification. I can "cheat" by changing one part, return to menu, return on game, changing one part, return to menu,... I put a private video where I am changing all parts. We can see that I can perform to change one (or two...) but I need to reset by passing on the principal menu. https://youtu.be/Ia-JynQsuec [EDIT 21h45] - I didn't get any penalty by using the method in my video. - I restart the game, try a new career with an other team and I get the same issue, the same message is display if I change a part between Practice 3 and Qualification. But I didn't get a penalty even when not using the return menu method like in my video. I think it's just a "warning message" who there is no impact at all. The text say itself "the installation of this part will result in a penalty", so it's very confused...