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  1. Cyne35

    Singapore GP Highlights bug

    In the end, the situation is always the same in My Team mode. The GP takes place at night, but the highlights take place during the day... Please, can you fix this bug ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Cyne35

    Improving Claire Williams' design

    Certainly, But in these cases he replaces her with the new manager of the team...
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to improve Claire Williams' design please? I know it's cosmetics, but he's the only person who adds a bit of glamor in this game, and you can see through her hairstyle the first layer of hair that forms her head... I'll let you see in capture. In advance thank you if something is done. Have a good day.
  4. Cyne35

    Singapore GP Highlights bug

    It's ok !!! YEAAAAAAAAAAH !!! I've tried tonight in GP Mode (not MyTeam) and highlights are now by night !!! Now, i'm gonna restard (again ^^) my team and I hope it's gonna work too !
  5. Cyne35

    Singapore GP Highlights bug

    Hello CodeMasters, I would like to know if bug concerning Singapore GP Highloghts has been spoted ? It take place in daylight while the race takes place at night. Thanks in advance for your help and fixes.