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  1. No that's not it @steviejay69 sorry. The objective takes place in career mode. Record time must be made in one of the DRS zones. Except that here, I can't manage to do it either on the first or the second zone. I'm playing on difficulty 65, which doesn't make this goal unfeasible under any circumstances. I therefore suspect the bug because I did not have the problem on the circuits which precede this one in career. Is that clearer ?
  2. Hello CodeMasters, A detailed description of the issue: With the reduced drag set, set a record time in one of the DRS zones. Except that it is impossible for me to do it. I play on difficulty 65, car presets favoring top speed, soft tires, and cannot achieve this objective. The selected difficulty allows you to achieve all the objectives with flying colors. So that's not it, and anyway, the free practice having started, I can not change it. Platform: Steam What version of the game you are using: 1.17 Game-mode?: MyTeam What troubleshooting have you attempted?: Several car configurations used / Checking local files / Reinstalling the game. What peripherals are you are using: Xbox One Controller for PC Any screenshots or video of the issue?: Attached screenshots of my top speed. With this speed, the record time required by the lens shouldn't be a problem for me.
  3. @steviejay69 I did not know that it was part of the objectives of the podium pass. But possible that it is related.
  4. Hello CodeMasters, - A detailed description of the problem. Please include all error codes here : The highlights of the Singapore GP take place in broad daylight while the GP takes place at night (Only in MyTeam mode). I specify that I play with the official GP schedules. - Platform : PC - What version of the game you are using : 1.17, but the bug has been around since the game's release. - Game mode : My Team - What troubleshooting have you tried? : Reinstall the game several times. Graphics driver updates haven't changed anything. - What devices do you use ? : Xbox One Controller for PC - Screenshots : Screenshots are attached
  5. @steviejay69 I am restarting a career. Start date: 04/06/2021. We will see if I still have the problem once I arrive in Singapore. I'll just ask you not to close the file before I can check it out please. Thank you in advance. D'avance merci.
  6. Formatted bug report. Thanks for your help @steviejay69
  7. Hello @steviejay69, Was this bug also traced to the developers? Thank you 🙂
  8. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    So in summary, for those who would also have the problem: - Downgrade graphics drivers while disconnected from the Internet. - Restart your PC - Delete the file h ardware_settings_ config.xml
  9. Platform: PC Which version of the game: 1.17 Game mode: My Team What peripherals do you use: X-Box One PC Controller Hello, Since patch 1.17 I have noticed a display bug. Indeed, I constantly have the reflection of my cockpit on the road. The effect is even more amplified on a wet track. I let you see with the screenshot attached. My checks: - My graphics card drivers are up to date. - No errors in my computer registry. - I uninstalled then reinstalled the game, and nothing helped. Do you have a tip? Or am I the only one? Thanks for your feedback
  10. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    Bonjour @ steviejay69, J'ai supprimé le fichier h ardware_settings_ config.xm l et maintenant tout fonctionne à nouveau correctement, je n'ai plus de bogues. Merci pour votre aide précieuse et vous souhaite une bonne journée 🙂
  11. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    Hello @steviejay69, I just downgraded my graphics drivers to the previous version, and nothing has changed. version 465.89 -> version 461.92 and no change. In case I remind you, the graphic bug only occurs on MyTeam cars, not on the official ones. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  12. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    Hello @steviejay69, Thanks for the tip but I don't know how to do. If you have a simple procedure is verified, I am taker. Thanks in advance.
  13. @BarryBL Can you move this topic into Gaming Problems and TA Bugs please? Because the incident is not resolved yet, but it is not in the right place. I can't move it there. Thanks in advance.
  14. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    @BarryBL Here is my graphics settings and my DXDiag attached. The game is smooth and precise since I got it, I only have this problem since patch 1.17. DxDiag.txt
  15. Cyne35

    Display Bug

    @BarryBL Unfortunately all the time. Everything starts from the cokpit vision in the stands (attached screen 1). The image we have becomes ghostly and moves with the movement of the camera. Which makes driving unpleasant, and the screenshots ugly (attached screen 2). In this example, we can clearly see the shape of the security halo. When I did a GP with official cars, I didn't feel like I had this problem. Now, in these two captures, we are in time trial mode with my career car, and you can see that the graphics bug is still present. Which leads me to think that this problem only occurs with vehicles created by players. I don't know if everything I'm trying to explain is clear.
  16. In the end, the situation is always the same in My Team mode. The GP takes place at night, but the highlights take place during the day... Please, can you fix this bug ? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello, Would it be possible to improve Claire Williams' design please? I know it's cosmetics, but he's the only person who adds a bit of glamor in this game, and you can see through her hairstyle the first layer of hair that forms her head... I'll let you see in capture. In advance thank you if something is done. Have a good day.
  18. Cyne35

    Improving Claire Williams' design

    Certainly, But in these cases he replaces her with the new manager of the team...
  19. It's ok !!! YEAAAAAAAAAAH !!! I've tried tonight in GP Mode (not MyTeam) and highlights are now by night !!! Now, i'm gonna restard (again ^^) my team and I hope it's gonna work too !