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  1. This has been happening frequently over the last week or so. I go into Time Trial, look at the leaderboards, and I can see both the global leaderboards and my friends' leaderboard. Then I put in a few laps and go back to the garage (via menu option). Now the leaderboards won't load anymore, and I have to close the game and reopen it.
  2. domingosfneto

    Replay on broadcasts?

    On the league races I participate on, often someone will crash out of fall a bunch of places and the commentators will say 'driver XYZ spun, I wonder what happened'. It would be great if they had the ability to rewind to show what actually happened at that spin.
  3. Basically what the title says. I do a lot of tuning by running free practice sessions and the message that says 'you can tell me what you want over the radio' gets on my nerves. Also the message explaining tyre temperatures every time I go out. So it would be great if we could have somewhere to check/uncheck the messages we actually want to hear.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. If I restart my Fanatec Podium F1 DD1 wheel when the F1 2020 game is open, then I get a weirdly weak FFB. In order to get the proper FFB, I have to press the PS button to go to the PS4 main screen, turn off my wheel, turn it back on, and then press the PS button on the wheel to enable it. Then I can go back to the F1 game and the wheel will have the proper FFB. I also get the same behavior if my wheelbase is on and the PlayStation goes into sleep mode. If I push the button at the front of the console to bring it back up, the wheel will run in the weak FFB mode until I restart it using the procedure above. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.13 Game-mode? Any game mode. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes. How do you make the problem happen? Go to the game main screen. Turn off the wheel and turn it back on. Push the PS button in the wheel. PlayStation will show a screen asking who is using the controller. Select the player and press X. Now the wheel has weak FFB. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I have the following workaround. Go to PlayStation's home screen. Turn off the wheel and turn it back on. Push the PS button in the wheel. PlayStation will show a screen asking who is using the controller. Select the player and press X. Go back to the F1 game. Now the wheel has proper FFB.
  5. domingosfneto

    No longer able to move proximity arrows

    We used to be able to resize the HUD, which if I remember correctly would also move the location of the proximity arrows, but with the new HUD functionality where you can reposition each individual element, now the proximity arrows are stuck at the bottom. This is a problem for me because I try to position my setup so that my wheel is at the same position as the in game wheel, for realism. So the proximity arrows are covered by my wheel and wheelbase, and I can only see the arrows when they are at the side of the screen, not when they are at the bottom. Can we add an option to reposition the bottom of the proximity arrows area? Here is my rationale: I like to setup my display in a way to make it as close as possible to what an actual F1 driver would see. So I run cockpit view, with a realistic FOV, and I place my TV so that the center of the screen is at eye level. I place my wheel in a height that is similar to F1 drivers' driving position (pretty high). Because the PS4 doesn't support ultrawide monitors AFIK, the only way to get a better horizontal FOV is to get a bigger TV or to move the TV closer to me. Since I try to maintain the center of the TV at eye level, as I move my TV closer to me more of the bottom half is covered by my wheel. I can move my TV up and adjust the vertical angle seting, but even with the angle set to the max, I still get some of the bottom of the screen covered by the wheel and therefore the proximity arrows are also covered. If I move my TV up even more, beyond the vertical angle setting, then I end up with a feeling that I'm always driving uphill.