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  1. Mariobross1604

    Private League

    Hi The code is it a a six or a seven digit code, I was able to use private league before but since the system is genetaring a seven digit code I can create the league but I can't find it back using the search tool with a seven digit code.... Creating a public league is OK because you don't have to search by code, you find the league you create by the name.... that is an overcome but on public league you can't attribute a racing team to your player .....you just can play as all mutiplayer no team ......
  2. Mariobross1604


    Hi I played 6 games that were OK but since Yesterday I got the same message as you mention. I am searching for a settle....
  3. Mariobross1604

    F1 2019 Super Licence

    Ok I finnaly been able to change my country , I found the setup in personnel info.. What about the picture that with see on many Super Licence , on mine it is question mark ???
  4. Mariobross1604

    F1 2019 Super Licence

    Hi When I first install my F1 2019 I may have forgot some details on my Pilot Super Licence Like the country and the avatar. My question is how can i edit my Super Licence to change these value Regards New F1 2019 Racer
  5. Mariobross1604

    F1 2019 Super Licence

    Hi When I started with F1 2019 I may be forgot some details info for my pilote Super Licence like the avatar and the country, Is it possible to edit these informations and how Regards New racer.