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  1. was there an update of the game in xbox gamepass?? If yes, I can download it again right now and check!!! Naaaah, I just redownloaded the whole game aaaaand it's still not working...
  2. It works with EVERY other game. Not with this one. Sooo... codemasters' issue 😕
  3. Any updates on this one?? Is there someone who can say responsibly if it's gonna be fixed or not? Should we push from the microsoft side?
  4. Hello, I downloaded this game through gamepass and I was expecting to have some nice moments. Unfortunately, it's crashing all the time at the startup and it doesn't work. The current workaround that you have to delete some nvidia files from the installation folder doesn't work for gamepass players, since we cannot "touch" the game files. I have a 3080 and unfortunately, all people with 3000 nvidia cards, cannot play. Is there someone who can do something and help us? Is this game still supported or we just have to uninstall it and pretend like nothing happened? Maybe buy th
  5. i'm not sure if someone cares... i'll open a new thread just now, just in case it attracts some attention...
  6. Fresh windows installation, new drivers and 3080. I just downloaded the game and it doesn't start. I cannot choose anything, since the only thing I can see is this error. (i'm playing through gamepass for pc)
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