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  1. Sorry if this is a noob question, but googling and searching these forums found nothing. I have a CSL Elite / PS2 wheel base and Formula V2 wheel with Clubsport V3 pedals. The controls seem to have this thing where if I hold the brake it goes into reverse. I would HATE to have that activate in a multiplayer race and push me back out in front of someone after a spin. It's extremely counter intuitive, especially since I learned to put "both feet in" about a decade ago in real race cars. I thought something was broken at first. How do I turn it off so my brake pedal acts like... well.. you k
  2. Simple: Do your career/team or other single player feature, enjoy the game, it's only a game cheating vs a computer is pointless anyway. Time trials ignore anything faster than the named E-sports drivers. Anyone who wants to claim a times faster than those folks needs to do it on camera in an e-sports event. Just assume anything else is a cheat. Multiplayer on a platform that allows cheating is 100% pointless. Either multiplayer should be dropped from 2021 so they can put the time into features for the things that do work or they should fix the cheating. iRacing for multi
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