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  1. Hi Codemasters my name is James and I'm from a racing league with over a 1000 people and we use f1 2020 (on the ps4) on a regular and daily basis for our races. we seriously do love some of the stuff you guys put out but the game every year just seems to get more and more buggy and no one seems to care or fix it in your game development team. Ill name a few examples some drivers are experiencing blue fags at the beginning of the race off the lights out. Another one is where lapped cars are being told overtake the safety car then they get disqualified from the race for doing it. Another one is AI cars, when a driver disconnects, don't ether disappears or move out of the way so they are very slow and drivers hit into them and receive damage. Another bug is that retirement of a car in the middle of the track that cant move and has lost a wheel, ether just disappears or its just a VSC or the other way round a driver just looses a wing and then a safety car comes out, there needs to be a proper decision between those different things. we are happy you fixed the penalties under the safety car glitch that really helped things out. There's also a few bugs for our commentators where they cannot see interval gaps or drivers get shown in the wrong positions and also when a driver leaves and joins back it does not show there ID. if you could fix these issues it would be great because there are some people within our league who are seriously considering stopping playing the game or just not buying your next title because it is becoming a serious issue now. There's a few more bugs I haven't mentioned in here but also a game issue not a bug the drivers are on about is the huge advantage this game has to controller uses. About 80% of our drivers use a wheel of some kind and are getting annoyed about how much money they have spent just for an advantage to get given to controller drivers. Anyway i really do hope someone reads this and they address the issue or if they could contact me by email and I can provide some help and evidence with the issues raised but we would love to buy your next title and many more after that and use your amazing f1 game it just gets very frustrating when we cannot enjoy because of all the bugs that somehow have not been fixed yet. if someone could acknowledge this and email me or at least reply to this that would be greatly appreciated.