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  1. Hi, I have seen that a lot people experienced this problem and some of them are fixed. I have tried every one of these solution but it seems like my problem continues. I just cannot understand the cause of this problem since I was playing F1 2019 on a day and I couldn't even open the game on another. I tried a lot of things I have seen online such as lowering the graphics but it didn't solve the problem. Then I thought it had something to do with the game itself so I bought F1 2020. Guess what! The problem occured again and I couldn't play F1 2020 even for a second. Please help me! I don't wanna stop playing F1 or I don't want to buy another PC, since my hardware runs the same in other games so I know my hardware is just fine. Hardware: MSI GE60 2PC CPU i7 4710HQ GPU GTX850M Edit: I have updated every driver on my laptop but it didn't solve the problem. Then when I benchmarked my PC, the GPU didn't show up on the benchmark program. I have disabled my İntel HD Graphics using devmgmgt.msc and the game started. However I cannot use my secondary screen as a display and in the benchmark still no GPU and intel graphics is also gone. Just... WHY?