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  1. The majority of my tests are time trials with one controller connected via USB and one connected via BT. In wireless tests, the presence or absence of a USB-connected controller doesn't seem to have an effect. In wired tests, I'll usually turn the BT-connected controller off. I haven't tried split-screen mode.
  2. Actually, I was able to update the firmware for the controllers, bringing the input lag in wireless mode down to imperceptible levels. So I am again very interested in getting this resolved. Unfortunately, the firmware update did not have any effect on the stuttering issue, which appears to be a problem with F1 2020.
  3. Thanks for pointing out the Bluetooth driver update; I updated it via Windows optional updates. Unfortunately, the stuttering remains after the update, with or without other Bluetooth devices connected. Some other observations from my testing in the Australia and Britain time trials: The stuttering is the worst at the beginning of the session, improving after a lap or two, but never completely going away. Turning the controller off and on again improves the stuttering, but does not completely fix it. The stuttering is not exactly a decreased framerate, although the framerate detected by Steam does decrease. It's more like several frames at the normal framerate, a pause with no frames, and then several more frames at the normal framerate. No other games (including Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4) give me these issues, which is why I'm on this forum 🙂 I will likely give up on wireless for this game anyway. I just did a reaction time test, and it clearly showed an extra 50ms input lag for wireless over wired. I do think 50ms matters in this game as the rhythm of these circuits is very tight.
  4. I prefer not to post it. I sent it to you in a PM. The board is an ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac.
  5. Sorry to see this thread go silent. I am having the same issue with two different Xbox Wireless Controllers for Windows on the Steam version of the game. Instead of a BT adapter, my motherboard has BT built in. @BarryBL, the issue is not there when I connect the controllers via USB cable.
  6. Having the same issue with a GTX Titan X. HDR doesn't work on display 3 despite Windows 10 enabling HDR on that display.