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  1. Ok, got it. We clearly have different oppinions about this matter and I don't want to ruin my or anyone elses day. We (my friend and I) might try a clean installation of Windows ect. as you stated. Thank you for the tip. Only thing I want to say, is that it's really unfortunate that there are multiple reported cases similiar to this problem. Main thing is to get the game working as it should. My point was, that we should not deny the possibility that there is something wrong with how the game installs or in the fbb of the game, bacause I am not the only one with this issue.
  2. So you are saying that I should start by changing my motherboard just to play F1? I don't think so. Whatever the problem may be, the game should work with my setup, as it works with other games. When I reffered to the "flawed code", I ment that there is obviosly something wrong with the code between my wheel and this game. I get that this is nearly impossible to solve via forum discussion, and at this point, changing the usb hardware may be the easiest way to solve this. But please hear me out. Only variable changing between for example dirt rally and F1, is only the game.
  3. I really do not think that the problem is in the usb connection, as Dirt Rally 1 and 2 (and all other games from different studios) are working perfectly fine with identical usb connection. My bet is that there is a haywyre peace of code (a bug) in the way codemasters make their fbb work. This exact problem is also on my friends drirt rally 1, but not in dirt rally 2 and f1. He has G29.
  4. It seems that many people have this problem with codemasters games. You should make a new support request, the do not answer to this thred.
  5. You can see for your self. Car is steering it self. FFB settings are all on highest setting. And the problem isn't car setup dependent, so this happens on any car setups. https://youtu.be/posiSXqdjHs
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