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  1. Is this a bug or intentional? Bought one and can only use the Default liverys.... Was there a licensing issue or is this a bug?
  2. I just got Platinum on 2 of the new RaceNet challenges, but didn't get a Cash or XP bonus for getting the medal like in the first RaceNet Challenges when you scored a medal for the first time. Anyone else not getting this? If I remember correctly last challenges it payed 10,000xp and 20,000 cash for Platinum
  3. If I go offline, when I reconnect will RaceNet record all the progress I made while offline, or does RaceNet only record stats whilst consistently connected? Im curious as for the first week of launch my Internet provider is taking my connection down for a bit, but I still want RaceNet to record my single player progress. Any replies appreciated. :)
  4. The only ones where you don't need to repeat are the 3 Grid Series' Otherwise its win a championship to get Ravenwest FOR that championship 
  5. i dont care... :p i like the car I hope you are NEVER in charge of balancing a game  :p
  6. LewisBCR6

    Sprint Pack

    Its available Wednesday on EU PSN. This Wednesday
  7. LewisBCR6

    Sprint Pack

    I'd love it, but my PS3 is fried so thats RIP Autosport for me, have no console to play it on as I jumped straight to PS4 when it broke
  8. LewisBCR6

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Loore clearly stated multiple times that you have to trigger an autosave for them to debug.. lol
  9. LewisBCR6

    AI bug Online

    Its a rare issue, but needs looking at.
  10. LewisBCR6

    Race net challenges

    Don't use your custom vehicle. Use a loaner vehicle and it won't crash This is being fixed shortly
  11. supravoxall said: It was NEVER available. It was a disc only title and never on the consoles digital stores. Wrong. http://xbldb.com/offers/003-3e8 So can Codies comment on this? I can't find any news article on Google even saying what month DiRT 2 was delisted exactly. :/ Well my bad, but it was never on the PSN digi-store I know that much
  12. LewisBCR6

    Where is the patch for ps3?

    @Loore said hopefully by the end of the week. Lower the pitchforks till then. lol
  13. It was NEVER available. It was a disc only title and never on the consoles digital stores.
  14. LewisBCR6

    DLC - release dates??

    So far its been a pack every 2 weeks.
  15. LewisBCR6

    Repair Costs / Playlist Changes Update

    Thanks for all the updates, I think I speak for many when I say its much appreciated keeping us in the loop like this. I look forward to seeing my F1 GTR make money rather than losing it  :p
  16. Would you prefer me say nothing at all? People ask for more clarity, more info, when that info is given, it's never good enough.  A lot of the time we do have to look into things, investigate them. Just because someone mentions a bug doesn't mean we know the cause straight away. Often reproducing the issue is the hardest job. With this subject I had an email not 15mins before I read the thread, the answer I gave reflects exactly what is happening at the moment, I.e. it's being investigated. Its better to know we are looking into it than not knowing nothing at all, right? Just disregard the ungratefuls, You give a lot more inside information than any other developer does.
  17. LewisBCR6

    Garage Slots

    You can purchase it on Xbox 360 due to there being no Season Pass. On PS3 and PC the only way its acquired is by owning the Season Pass and it isn't available to purchase separately.  I am on ps3 and have purchased the season pass and still have no 5 extra garage slots nor is there anything to download on psn regarding garage slots. I am on ps3 and do not see the 5 garage slots either.  Anyone have an answer for this? Will be out tomorrow.
  18. LewisBCR6

    5 Garage Slots w/ Season Pass Purchase (ps3)

    Its out in EU, Should be out tomorrow in US
  19. LewisBCR6

    Boost Pack?

    @RTAnoskills Alright look, we aren't getting anywhere here, I clearly stated I've had the glitch happen lol. Lets just call it here, I can't be bothered anymore, hopefully you can't either.
  20. LewisBCR6

    Will console patches fix this?

    @Loore has there been a patch submitted to Sony? Not specifically this patch but any patch at all? The PS3 version still remains completely unpatched.
  21. New tracks coming but we don't know which ones. Should get the info closer to the DLCs release.
  22. LewisBCR6

    F1 2013 PS3 version number

    Sometimes version numbers differ across regions, For example I know currently in Payday 2, the EU Version is 1.03 and the NA version is 1.04, however the latest versions are identical.  Sometimes digital copies come with patches pre-installed too, which can offset the version number. I don't think its anything to be concerned about.
  23. LewisBCR6

    Boost Pack?

    Would you of ever mentioned this if you weren't annoyed by it? Its a complaint masked by sarcasm. If this isn't a complaint, then this post has no reason to exist.
  24. LewisBCR6

    Boost Pack?

    I agree with the beta testing. It would work, my point is, bad mannered constantly critical posts won't get us far. Look mate, My tone hasnt changed, 1 bit.  If CM would make the damn games properly in the first place, then people wouldnt post bad mannered, constantly critcal posts.   It doesnt work when you politely explain why flashbacks shouldnt be in online racing, or why we should have a random grid order.  Is this your first CM game??  Because alot of people are seeing issues arise, that have been in every CM title they have bought. Some of us are fed up with it.  We expect better from a company that ONLY makes racing games.  All Grid 1 fans wanted, was a Grid 1 sequel, All the same ingredients, but with updated graphics, more tracks, more cars etc.  They have tried with Autosport, but too many things have been left out due to deadlines.  Dont set deadlines, then you dont have to meet them.  The game will be ready when its ready, and not before.  So it should not be on sale, untill then.  I will be sure to inform you of any change in my tone, towards yourself or CM. Your tone is coming over a little smug, when you still havnt quoted where I have complained about boosters.  First CM Game? Far from it. I lost count a few years ago. I agree with some of the things you are saying. The game is in a lot less buggy state than most other games at launch. There's no such thing as a game being perfect at launch anymore. Kinda upsetting but that's just the way it is. I never quoted the boosting comment, but spoke about it. You chose your words carefully there. :P
  25. LewisBCR6

    Boost Pack?