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  1. Not sure if anyone will know the answer to this, but are the new tracks added to the current career/my team season if you've not reached that far in the calendar or do you always have to wait until the next season?
  2. Also, as a league commentator, I would love to be able to save full race replay with all drivers as a spectator
  3. I stream commentary for an F1 league and sometimes it is necessary to alt+tab out of the game in order to interact with twitch chat or change something in OBS. Currently this causes the game to bring up the pause menu. This is completely unnecessary in spectator mode and ruins the quality of the broadcast. Please allow the game to remain unpaused in the background when spectating a race.
  4. I think there is a secondary bug with this feature when you restart a session/practice program. The OSD will display green for objectives completed before the restart but in the garage this will show as incomplete.
  5. I'm currently trying to learn to play F1 2021 with the racing line turned off. I'm playing the My Team career mode and when I get the 'Racing Line' practice objective there is nothing to show the line the game is using to judge my line and I have to revert to using the full racing line which is very distracting. I feel this could be improved in a number of different ways: First: a thin, single colour racing line could be drawn on the track where the dynamic racing line would be. This shouldn't change colour as the driver will use their own reference points for braking and acceleratin
  6. Couple of small quality of life improvements: Allow private multiplayer lobby hosts to select which penalty types they want enabled. In our league we find that 99% of all "SEVERE collision under safety car" penalties are too harsh or apportion blame to the wrong party and need to be removed after the race. Make the ERS increase/decrease buttons switch between modes 0 (off) and 2 (hotlap) in qualifying. Currently these buttons only work during practice.
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