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  1. mariopepper

    Project cars 3 steering lag

    I guess they might reconsider the possibility to fix it.
  2. mariopepper

    Project cars 3 steering lag

    Yeah.. I hoped they would fix it one day, but I guess it will be done after my death 😄
  3. mariopepper

    My pc has a crashing problem

    I will check its manual and let you know the problem. Upd: Your Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 6gb is similar to mine Nvidia 900-1G600-2500-000 so I suppose you can check it's user's guide to find the possible problem and how to fix it. Source: http://nvidia.manymanuals.com/graphics-cards/900-1g600-2500-000/users-guide-8206
  4. mariopepper

    Anyone into bikes? Playing Moto GP 2020?

    Thanks for sharing. I will chek out this game