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  1. @BarryBLI do not understand the need to add another report ... the problem persists and is ending our league. It gets to be indignant because we already talked about the problem and nothing is done. sorry, but you already have all the information and see that even on another platform, the grotesque error persists. We paid R $ 300.00 for a game that doesn't work! I think codemaster should listen to customers because it is not delivering what was promised in the sale, a game that works! fix it please !!!!
  2. Sorry, but I'm telling a about videos posted by @DenisBRA .. short videos. We aren't developers...
  3. Hi @BarryBl Did you see the videos? sometimes the patient does not know what he has and the doctor, based on clinical analysis, has the ability to know what the patient has of the disease. in case he cannot identify, he has a team to assist and equipment to see "inside" the patient.
  4. unfortunately with these bugs it is very difficult to play. how can a company with so much time in the same game, offer a product with so many problems? a shame ... unfortunately.
  5. I even understand that it would be better to send it through a form, but don't get me wrong, but I'm not a developer, I'm just a customer who wants a quality product for the price he paid. I suggest you send the broadcast link to the team. everyone in the group has the latest version available for updating.
  6. after the update, the game got worse than it already was. full of bugs. is showing problems since the audio, when there are many cars, as well as the grid positions during the race. this is all happening in online lobby. yesterday we tried to play, but the type of error presented was totally ridiculous, totally amateur. do we pay dearly for the product and do we have this type of delivery? the game is bad since the launch for the Xbox. they simply did not deliver the product sold with quality. https://youtu.be/v7qYOybZK30 here is the link to demonstrate the problems
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