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  1. @BarryBL It is inexcusable that it is taking this long to get a simple screenshot from my save game... Can you be honest with me and tell me if anyone in dev has even tried to load it, much less done so successfully? This is really poor support and quite frankly would get me written up in my own product support job... If I left a showstopper issue hanging over Christmas break for one of my clients, I would expect a writeup on my desk when I got back, especially considering this was reported nearly a month ago...
  2. To give specific repro steps: I launched the game on the lowest settings, went straight to time trail on Spa with the Prima F2 car. Finished my flying and timed laps, then exited to main menu. Created a gp with full practice and qualifying at 50% race length on Bahrain since that track caused issued on my team. Was using mercedes and hamilton. Was able to complete laps in all 3 practice sessions, all 3 qualifying, and the race. After getting back to main I tried my team save 1. Was met with the same crash as before.
  3. @BarryBL I can play GP and Time trials without issue it seems. Tried a TT at Spa then went into a GP at Bahrain with full practice and quali and 50% race without issue. As soon as I go into my team it crashes. How hard is it to get a screenshot from my "My Team" save unless you are having similar issues as indicated in your now deleted post I had in my email? It takes only a few minutes of time at most if the save can be loaded, is it really so hard for your devs to provide simple evidence of any troubleshooting on their part? Having some functionality is great, but still not enough to make up for loosing my 200 hour investment on my team...
  4. @BarryBL Have their been any updates? Have the developers been able to actually load my save and provide evidence of this? Can I actually get any meaningful troubleshooting steps instead of things that I have either already tried or are not relevant to my situation at all? I do not understand how you can reasonably say its my system that is the problem when I have 200 hours of near flawless gameplay... System issues don't magically appear after that much game play... They also don't magically coincide with the release of a new patch...
  5. @BarryBL The Asynchronous Compute setting is not available when running the DX11 version of the game like I do, so it isn't really applicable to me. I also tried it turned of on DX12 and had no luck either, not that I'm surprised by this. When the devs can give me evidence they have loaded the game I'll try to update my audio drivers. As you can see my GPU Drivers are fully up to date
  6. @BarryBL I've asked you 3 times now for a screenshot from my save proving you can load it. Can you please send me that? Hell can you even name either of my "My Team" teams? Why should I continue to troubleshoot with you when you have failed to provide basic evidence you have done anything on your end? My gpu drivers are using the latest game ready driver from nvidia.
  7. @BarryBL I'm also incredibly disappointed that I have yet to receive evidence that you can load my save. I've provided evidence to the contrary in fact, so now the burden of proof is on you. Please send me the times from my current qualifying session showing team name. Feel free to blur out driver name for privacy reasons if needed. I do not actually believe that you have loaded my save successfully based on my own results and the provided evidence. Please prove me otherwise.
  8. @BarryBL I would also love to know what happened with this post. It seemed like it was on the right track....
  9. @BarryBL Asynchronous Compute is set to On by default on every preset by the looks of it, so it was on when I tested Wednesday after 1.14 was released. I have to question where you are getting your troubleshooting information from, because it seems like they aren't even familiar with basic game presets... Considering you have been stuck on graphics and system specs being the cause since US Thanksgiving nearly 2 and a half weeks ago I suggest you actually try troubleshooting the issue and getting some real results. I spent full price on this waste of hard drive space in addition to spending almost half the cost of the game in podium pass points that are now useless. Not to mention the 200 hours of game time I have invested in this game and will NEVER get back. That's over a week of my life for the record... To say I am disappointed with the level of support being offered is beyond an understatement. I have multiple years in product support including shipping a Call of Duty game as a QA analyst, so I know how to troubleshoot a broken program. Telling me to change irrelevant settings after I already told you I changed them is quite frankly insulting. And guess what, I have absolutely no way to get my money back on this product that your developers broke. So I'm up a creek without a paddle here.... Thanks for nothing...
  10. @BarryBL I tried on the ultra low reflection settings on the last patch with the same results. I did the entire ultra low preset if you recall from my previous posts. I don't see the asynchronous compute setting anywhere in those screenshots I sent. Is this a directx 12 feature? I'll have to look for it tonight since patch 1.14 has now forced me into launching dx12 instead of giving me the choice for dx 11 or 12 like before. I used the send report button to send the report in last night at the time I indicated in my post, but if you can point me to a local copy I can add that in here for review. After testing 1.14 briefly last night I downloaded the latest game ready drivers for my gpu (cyberpunk drivers to be specific). I'll double check the two settings mentioned and let you know if there is any progress.
  11. @BarryBL I downloaded the new patch and tried to load my save game. Still didn't load. Am I just throwing 200 hours of my time in the dumpster with a paperweight taking up space in my library because your patches broke what was a perfectly fine game?
  12. @BarryBL I downloaded the new patch and tried to load my save game. Still didn't load. Am I just throwing 200 hours of my time in the dumpster with a paperweight taking up space in my library because your patches broke what was a perfectly fine game? Loading my second My Team save got me a crash report at least. Sent at 9:35 PM Pacific Time. Please help me fix my game since I do not have any other recourse.
  13. @BarryBL Have there been any updates on this, or am I better off waiting for the next patch to hopefully fix this...?
  14. Hi @BarryBL As requested, here are the screenshots of my graphics settings you requested. I included the settings I was running prior to this patch (high except crowd) and the Ultra Low Settings it crashed on last night/today. Also included are my Video Mode Settings, General Graphics Settings, and the point in loading where I crash to desktop. I haven't installed the gpu drivers that were just released yesterday, but otherwise everything should be up to date on my system.
  15. @BarryBL I'll upload screenshots later on when I'm home, but I was able to reproduce with 100% consistency on the ULTRA LOW preset last night after you suggested lowering my graphics settings. Before this I was using the HIGH preset with crowd set to low. Again i'll post screenshots of this when I'm home and have access to that machine. Resolution is 1920x1080 and refresh rate is 60 hz. I'm really skeptical about graphics settings being the cause since it doesn't seem to make any difference in my testing. If my system is not up to spec anymore may I suggest you update your required and recommended specs on steam accordingly? Based on the specs posted there my system basically meets recommended specs. This is further evidenced by the fact that I was getting 80 fps on average with high graphics settings prior to this mess of a patch. It does not seem logical or reasonable to me that this is a graphical issue based on all of the evidence thus far. I'm also a bit disappointed that you didn't include the screenshot evidence I requested that you were in fact able to load my save. The email notification I received about your update seemed to indicate you were having issues loading it, but it seems like you edited that post away...