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  1. @BarryBL I realize that, however my point still stands. This is a basic issue that any QA team doing a proper sweep of official content should have caught. The fact that it made it past QA internal testing, let alone the fact that it persisted through multiple patch cycles is downright embarrassing. Maybe it was reported but higher ups decided it was an NAB or not important enough to fix before release, but even then for it to persist for a quarter of the game's life cycle is shameful. @steviejay69 may not be a QA tester, but as a moderator on a Technical Support Forum I would be willing
  2. @BarryBL I wonder if there is anything else @sub1k could try?
  3. @steviejay69 Oh I mean it not like it isn't QA and Beta Tester's jobs to sweep new patches with existing DLC. Been there done that. Not sure how a AAA issue like this with official content gets missed when you do a proper sweep but I digress. Maybe your QA leads need to update their sweep spreadsheets... Ultimately I'm happy to have my save game back, but still pretty ticked off that I've lost months of game time due to a bug that had no business ever making it into a public build. Your team needs to do better.
  4. @sub1k Check out the posts on here. I was actually able to get up any running again
  5. @BarryBL @steviejay69 So glad someone else was able to find a fix for an issue initially reported multiple patch cycles ago
  6. @sub1k Looks like they patched today but nothing in the notes so I doubt it. If I have any luck I'll let you know...
  7. Pretty much. Seems they're too content wasting people's time instead of putting pressure of their developer colleagues to investigate and fix the issue. It took three months for them to admit they couldn't load my save internally. Not really the response you would expect for what most QA teams would mark as a showstopper issue.
  8. @steviejay69 like I said, not enough shouting. Tell dev to get it in drive and fix the issue instead of acting like Lando Norris at Spa and maybe people won't have to tag you on these posts...
  9. I wouldn't keep your hopes up. 1 or 2 patches was how long they spent pulling my leg with unnecessary troubleshooting steps. Seems like @steviejay69 and @BarryBL as well as their developers are out of bullets and can't fix what they broke...
  10. @steviejay69 I don't really feel like there's been enough shouting since the issue still hasn't been resolved despite appearing across all platforms. Maybe have an actual dev in here to deal with their shoddy code and we might actually get some fixes. People usually have more of a desire to fix things when they see the consequences for themselves...
  11. @steviejay69 No problem. I'll keep giving my input until this is fixed. Honestly don't think a windows update that was released after this issue was initially reported is the right tree to bark up, but what do I know. It isn't like I have multiple years of software development and video game quality assurance testing under my belt. I'm just some random person on a forum right...
  12. @BarryBL @steviejay69 The developers should already be aware of this issue since it was reported back in November on patch 1.13. This is the exact same thing that happened with my own "My Team" saves. So glad to see progress has been made after a quarter of the year and that you are using the same troubleshooting steps with the same results
  13. @BarryBL It is inexcusable that it is taking this long to get a simple screenshot from my save game... Can you be honest with me and tell me if anyone in dev has even tried to load it, much less done so successfully? This is really poor support and quite frankly would get me written up in my own product support job... If I left a showstopper issue hanging over Christmas break for one of my clients, I would expect a writeup on my desk when I got back, especially considering this was reported nearly a month ago...
  14. To give specific repro steps: I launched the game on the lowest settings, went straight to time trail on Spa with the Prima F2 car. Finished my flying and timed laps, then exited to main menu. Created a gp with full practice and qualifying at 50% race length on Bahrain since that track caused issued on my team. Was using mercedes and hamilton. Was able to complete laps in all 3 practice sessions, all 3 qualifying, and the race. After getting back to main I tried my team save 1. Was met with the same crash as before.
  15. @BarryBL I can play GP and Time trials without issue it seems. Tried a TT at Spa then went into a GP at Bahrain with full practice and quali and 50% race without issue. As soon as I go into my team it crashes. How hard is it to get a screenshot from my "My Team" save unless you are having similar issues as indicated in your now deleted post I had in my email? It takes only a few minutes of time at most if the save can be loaded, is it really so hard for your devs to provide simple evidence of any troubleshooting on their part? Having some functionality is great, but still not enough
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