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  1. Hi There, First post for this kid. Well actually, I'm no longer a kid................. I have a PS4 and two Logitech G29 steering wheels. I bought F1 2020 believing my kids could simply race eachother in the split screen mode using a wheel each. Turns out you can only use one wheel with F1 2020 and the second person must use a controller. I can't for the life of me think why I racing game developer would develop and sell a 2 person racing game that only allows one wheel to be used........... ANYWAY, MY QUESTION IS - DOES ANYBODY KNOW FOR SURE A PS4 RACING GAME WHERE THERE IS A SPLIT SCREEN MODE AND TWO WHEELS DEFINITELY WORK AT THE SAME TIME FOR TWO PLAYERS? THE ONLY ONE I KNOW AND HAVE TESTED SO FAR IS GTA SPORT WHICH ALLOWS TWO WHEELS IN ARCADE MODE. Thanks All
  2. Can I just ask Nuvolarix: Have you found any PS racing games that let you play two G29 wheels at the same time? If so, which ones? Can you believe that Codemasters would make a two player racing game that does not allow two wheels to work at the same time?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I emailed codemasters this morning and they got back to me with this: "Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2020. Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately we cannot confirm any plans, at the moment, to release any further updates to F1 2020. The split-screen mode should work on PS4 if the second player uses a PS4 controller Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused Kind regards Rob Codemasters Customer Services"
  4. Hi Nuvolarix/ Hi Om4rPaUL96 Can I just ask if either of you have managed to solve this problem? Cheers