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    LMA Manager

    They need to bring another one but they care more about racing, i seen somewhere that they have reformed to Codemasters Racing now so only focus on racing games, utter crap tbh, i do like F1 and grid but LMA Manager is a game they should never have stopped. And alike i get bored of fm easy, since ive got 14 ive played it roughly about 6 times, imo they dont have to bring a new LMA out just an update to 2007 even if its just data update and some changes like unlimited amount you can offer to buy a player currently its double his value. more realistic scouting, id be happy with that. Also about getting young players in, keep an eye on some promising players in your youth then next season promote them and loan them out, im not sure about the bars as i don't play with overal bars to easy and childish tbh lol but you might not get the result you wanted with the players you promote they might flop like real life. One thing that has bugged me is it unlimited seasons like FM or is it maxed at 20 seasons ?